May 23, 2013

Ok now on to the good stuff. We were pretty clueless about where to eat and shop in Montreal and relied purely on recommendations from internet friends, Foursquare lists, and one episode of Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover. What we discovered? Montreal has really good food. I mean REALLY good. Although we ate and shopped a TON, I’ve narrowed down our favorite spots below. The photo quality is reminiscent of blogs circa 2008 so bear with me. I only used my iPhone and at the time, I wasn’t thinking about taking high-quality pics because I was stuffing my face and slipping in and out of food comas. #blogfail. Anyway, the favorites –>


Olive et Gourmando
This was BY FAR our favorite place. And by “favorite,” I mean we had lunch here 3 times and I’m not kidding. It’s an adorable cafe with a daily-changing menu of sandwiches/salads/soups and a case full of delicious pastries. I can’t decide what I liked more: the cajun chicken, guacamole, and mango sandwich OR the quinoa salad with chickpeas, haricot verts, snap peas, and tiny peppers. I tried something different each time and couldn’t resist something sweet from the pastry counter after each meal.


Marche 27
This restaurant calls itself a “tartare bar” so we knew we had to check it out, being that we love tartare and all. It was lively, hip, and we ate some of the best tuna tartare I’ve ever had. My favorite was the tuna with sesame vinaigrette because it reminded me of poke bowls. We also ordered the mac & cheese poutine and easily gained 5 pounds each. Two thumbs up.


Joe Beef
I was legitimately scared to go to Joe Beef and I can honestly say it was the craziest of our experiences. It was also beyond amazing. Let me explain. This restaurant specializes in MEAT. Lots of it. If you’re wondering why 2 semi-vegetarians (we don’t eat red meat or pork) went here, I have no answer. The menu, which changes daily, is written on a chalkboard wall…in French. Yes, I took French in high school but I can’t read “horse heart” and “sea urchin fried in cornflakes.” We had the waitress read us the entire menu and ended up finding quite a few things we’d enjoy. We ordered burrata with green beans, an egg gelee, lobster spaghetti, and halibut with mussels. Oh and a few glasses of sparkling wine and a bloody mary or two (the bloody mary comes with an oyster and a crab leg, NBD). Everything was beyond delicious. I still have dreams about that lobster spaghetti and I don’t think I’ll have better lobster ever again. Sigh.


Aux Vivres
This little vegan cafe is perfect for lunch and we both loved it. I had a tempeh bowl with brown rice, veggies, and a thai peanut sauce that really hit the spot. They also had a full menu of teas which made my heart happy.


Taverne Gaspar
On our last night in Montreal, we dined at our hotel’s restaurant and I’m so glad we did. There was a band playing, soccer games on tv, and the food was simple and delicious. We ordered fish & chips, a nicoise salad, and a half dozen oysters. It was a perfect meal to end our trip. Plus, they served the best beer of our lives: Kronenberg 1664 blanc.


Juliette et Chocolat
We went to this chocolate-only dessert bar one night and split a crepe with nutella and strawberries. Ok why aren’t there dessert bars in Los Angeles? This would totally be my jam on a Saturday night if there were.


Kyle’s a longtime lover of Rooney’s online shop so this was a must-stop for us. It’s a well-curated men’s & women’s store with brands like Gitman Vintage, Saturdays NYC, and they even had some sweet New Balances. I wanted that Apolis market bag SO BADLY, but my mom calls me “bag lady,” meaning I probably don’t need another bag in my life.


Les Etoffes
This was another great store we visited with a line-up of really unique designers, like Dana Lee and Apiece Apart. I haven’t seen a store so well-curated in a long time. Plus, I wanted their plant stands soooo badly (not for sale, of course).

Alright and because I loved the place so much, two more photos from Olive et Gourmando. That’s cous cous with a tomato-based sauce and roasted veggies, topped with pistachios and minty yogurt. I mean, really? So delicious.


Last thing! I haven’t mentioned our Montreal hotel much, but we stayed at the Auberge du Vieux-Port and loved every second of our experience. It was smack in the middle of Old Montreal, the room was beautiful, the staff was so accommodating, and there was complimentary breakfast every day. And I mean GOOD complimentary breakfast, like eggs benedict and waffles. It was nice to save a few bucks each day by eating breakfast in our hotel.


And lest you think my blog is turning into a travel blog, it’s back to regular programming tomorrow!


February 12, 2013

heart pie1 HEART PIES!

heart pie2 HEART PIES!

heart pie3 HEART PIES!

Okay so I’m not really a Valentine’s Day person and can do without all the hearts and flowers if you ask me, but I was baking a pie and couldn’t resist making heart-shaped versions.  I rolled the dough out, mixed the strawberry filling together, and then searched high and low for my heart cookie cutters, through literally every cabinet in my kitchen, and those things were nowhere in site.  Disappeared!  So I did the blogger unthinkable and free-handed those dang hearts.  Some are a little lopsided but for the most part, they turned out pretty decent!

When they first came out of the oven, it looked like a heart pie massacre, what with the strawberry goodness oozing out everywhere, so I almost didn’t even deem them blogworthy enough to post.  But they tasted so delicious, I decided to post anyway.  Pie crust + strawberries is always a winning combination, bad photos or not.  And it’s a perfect treat for the upcoming holiday of love, so make it for your lovers and friends, my little conversation hearts!

Recipe here

Homemade Sea Salt Caramels

December 18, 2012

caramels3 Homemade Sea Salt Caramels

caramels4 Homemade Sea Salt Caramels

caramels1 Homemade Sea Salt Caramels

caramels2 Homemade Sea Salt Caramels

Every holiday season, I try to do at least one DIY project that involves the use of baker’s twine.  I bought like 5309560 yards of it 5 years ago, thinking I would use it every other day and I’ve barely made a dent in the roll.  So I’ve vowed to bust it out for any and all DIY’s until the end of time.  This year, I made sea salt caramels.  Last year, it was homemade peppermint bark, and the year before that was garland for my Christmas tree.  I get an A for effort on my baker’s twine usage, eh?

I made the caramels with this recipe, using the salted caramel variation.  I did 3 different batches and after about 4 hours of cooling time, I cut the caramels and wrapped them in wax paper squares.  It made roughly 120 wrapped caramels total (I cut mine pretty large), just enough for 10 in each of my 12 jars.  By the way, caramels are super easy to make!  Do not be frightened of them.  Just make sure you have a handy dandy candy thermometer.

As for the jars, I used these 1/2 pint wide-mouth canning jars, cut circles out of kraft paper, hand wrote on each one, and affixed them to the lid with double-stick tape.  I tied baker’s twine around each lid and strung a small cardstock circle with a Rifle Paper Co. sticker on it.

They make perfect small gifts for friends and coworkers.  What better way to tell someone you care about them than with a jar full of sugary goodness (topped with sea salt, of course)?


December 12, 2012

ludotruck1 LUDOTRUCK

ludotruck2 LUDOTRUCK

I usually don’t post giant photos of meat on the blog, but I’m making an exception for Ludotruck.  They literally have the best fried chicken EVER.  PS, it’s the holidays so my healthy-factor has gone out the window and I’m now exclusively eating things like this.  Goodbye kale salads.

Kyle and I got Ludotruck on Sunday at the Renegade Craft Fair, splitting the crispy breast strips and the honey garlic-glazed wings with a side of slaw and fries.  Just typing this out is making me feel hungry, which then makes me feel bad for only liking things that are cooked in deep fryers.  OH WELL.

Plus – and I can’t say this without getting extremely sad about it – word on the street is that Ludotruck will be closing shop for good in the very near future.  Just stab me right in the heart!!!  You better believe I’m going to eat this as much as I can until that truck is no longer.  Long live Ludo!!


November 29, 2012

csa3 CSA

Let’s talk CSA.  Are you a member?  All I know is that every other Tuesday, when I wake up in the morning, it’s like Christmas.  There’s a box on my doorstep filled with a plethora of mystery goodies and I’m giddy like a 15-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.  Actually not gonna lie, I would be giddy at a Biebs concert.  WHO WOULDN’T?  So it’s Tuesday morning and here’s what I’m thinking: What will be inside the box this time?  What recipes will I make with it?  How many items can I properly identify?  Kyle, will you go outside and get the box this time because my feet are cold?

It’s all so exciting!  I love my CSA program because they deliver it to me in the middle of the night.  I don’t have to go to anywhere to pick it up.  Some may call that lazy, others may call it genius.  Either way, I’m getting a box o’ veggies & fruit every other week and it’s changing my life.  Here’s why:

+ The veggies/fruit are all organic and from local farms.

+ The produce is always seasonal.  Right now, I’m getting lots of squash, apples, and greens.

+ It’s fairly cheap.  I pay $25 for a small mixed box (that includes delivery) and it comes every other week.  I easily spend that much on produce every week so ehhh not too bad?

+ It’s a LOT of stuff for 2 people.  We pretty much gorge ourselves (Kyle and I) on healthy foods for the week that we get it.  We’re talking veggie-centric meals every night and then a fruit cobbler for dessert.  On the weeks we don’t get the box, I’m not going to tell you the crap we eat but it may rhyme with braft lacaroni & schmeese.

+ It really pushes me to try new foods and new recipes, which I love!  For example, there is an acorn squash in the box I got this week and I can’t wait to make this with it.

My CSA program is called Farm Fresh to You and I have nothing but praise for them.  If you’re in the LA or Southern California area, I would highly recommend.  DO IT.

BRB, going to eat 5 pears.

csa2 CSA

csa1 CSA