Scenes from Renegade

December 14, 2011

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renegade1 Scenes from Renegade

I know I’ve posted about Renegade craft fair several times before, i.e. here and here, but it’s just so dang fun!  I go whenever they’re out here (July and December) and have a new experience with great new vendors every time.  Also, I can’t help but take photos of all the awesome things so here we are with a 3rd Renegade post…

renegade8 Scenes from Renegade

renegade4 Scenes from Renegade

renegade3 Scenes from Renegade

renegade5 Scenes from Renegade

renegade6 Scenes from Renegade

renegade7 Scenes from Renegade

renegade9 Scenes from Renegade

*these are my favorite green pants EVER.  kyle got them for me for my birthday (yesss my birthday is not until the end of January but we like to give early birthday presents around here…no judging).

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