Friday love list

April 27, 2012


FLL STRIPES Friday love list

This photo is from last weekend’s fun day with 2 of my best friends (oh heck, I’m most likely instagramming).  One of my favorite days ever.  Besides that awesomely fun day, here are a few other things I’m loving this week:

Happy weekending!!  I’m roadtripping up to San Luis Obispo for a friend’s wedding this weekend.  So excited to spend time with my friends and explore the area a bit. xo

photo credit: jayadores

3 thoughts on “Friday love list

  1. Ladi

    Ahhh have fun in SLO! I grew up there, definitely try to go and see Hearst castle if you can and gum alley in dtSLO (even though it’s kind of disgusting, it’s like a town landmark lol).


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