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April 6, 2011

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As I mentioned in the last post, Kyle and I went on an impromptu trip to Palm Springs.  I absolutely love hot, deserty weather so Palm Springs is right up my alley.  We stayed at the Ace Hotel + Swim Club and it was beyond wonderful.  Besides the fact that we’re quite fond of Ace Hotels in general (see NY here), our experience at the Palm Springs location was one of my favorites.

The hotel itself has a chic, retro vibe, the atmosphere is laid back and relaxing, and the food and libations are a-plenty.  Kyle had his fair share of bloody mary’s and I had my fair share of coconut french toast.  Yum.  Ace, I’m comin’ back at you real soon.  Miss you already.

ace hotel + swim club, palm springs

ace hotel + swim club, palm springs

ace hotel + swim club, palm springs

ace hotel + swim club, palm springs

ace hotel + swim club, palm springs

And of course, my slew of Instagrams (that app is addicting!):

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

6 thoughts on “Ace Hotel + Swim Club

  1. Ladi

    I love the photos! You actually made Palm Springs look fun. I would def. check out Ace if I was heading out that way!

  2. Ann-Marie

    Apparently, I like to comment on blog posts in non-chronological order. Anyways! :)

    Love all the adorable photos! Reminds me of our senior trip there, when we hauled ass down the freeway at 100 mph! HA!

  3. Janelle Post author

    HAHA I do remember our senior trip there. This is probably not blog appropriate but remember when those trucks were cockblocking us on the freeway down to palm springs?? HAHA I miss those dayssss.

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