Seattle // Part 2

June 12, 2012

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Seattle trip1 Seattle // Part 2

Just a few more photos from our trip to Seattle.  Extended weekend trips are kind of the best.  I think they should be taken every other weekend.  Don’t you agree?  On a completely unrelated note, the temperature in Seattle dropped substantially so I busted out my giant parka for the remainder of the trip.  Parkas in the summer??  It happened.

seattle trip2 Seattle // Part 2

One morning, we grabbed a few pastries and picnicked at Olympic Sculpture Park.  It’s such a peaceful spot overlooking the Sound and I literally could’ve sat there all day.  Next time, I will.  Oh, and I kinda dig those red chairs.

seattle trip3 Seattle // Part 2

seattle trip4 Seattle // Part 2

Then we did some touristy stuff, like visit the Space Needle center and ride the famous Alweg Monorail.

seattle trip7 Seattle // Part 2

Did I mention that we stayed at Ace Hotel in Seattle?  I love that hotel so much.  I’ve now stayed at every Ace location, do I get some sort of prize?  Kyle and I have already decided that we’re staying in the new downtown LA Ace as soon as it opens, even though we live in LA.  WORTH IT.

seattle trip8 Seattle // Part 2

We also went to Melrose Market in Capitol Hill.  Easily one of my favorite places in Seattle!!  It’s fairly small with only a handful of vendors but so worth the visit.  We had sandwiches at Homegrown and they were healthy and delicious.  One of Seattle’s best restaurants, Sitka & Spruce, is situated right in the market as well.  There’s also a flower shop, a decor/crafts shop, a wine and cheese vendor, and a butcher.  So neat!

seattle trip9 Seattle // Part 2

seattle trip10 Seattle // Part 2

On our last morning, we ventured up to Kerry Park and it had the most spectacular views of downtown.

seattle trip12 Seattle // Part 2

seattle trip11 Seattle // Part 2

Also, I was really bad at taking photos during meals for some reason (blog fail, I know), which is why there hasn’t been much food talk in these Seattle photo diaries.  But in the next post, I will share all the restaurants we went to!

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