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April 3, 2013

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I’ve lived in my current apartment for 2 years now and have focused zero of my decorating attention on the bedroom.  I’ve kept it very simple with just a plain wood bedframe, nondescript nightstands, and a credenza-shaped dresser.  That’s it.  I don’t know why I haven’t brought a little life into it before now, but it REALLY needs to be jazzed up.  It needs SOMETHING, ya know?

So my next project is for sure a bedroom update.  Here’s what I plan to add:

01| these mid-century modern-style nightstands from west elm.

02 | a leather butterfly chair and since we can’t quite afford the real version, this urban outfitters one will do just fine.

03 | i scored this Pennyweight x Oh Deer print a few months ago and it’s one of my favorites. it’s rolled up in a tube now but i think it will be a perfect addition to the bedroom.

04 | a few faux sheepskins around the room would add just the right amount of texture.

05 | two swinging lamps that would look great on either side of the bed above the nightstands.

06 | one colorful pillow on the bed (my linens are all white, by the way) would add a nice pop amongst the otherwise neutral tones of the room.

07 | a shaggy rug to make it extra cozy and homey.

Apartment Details

December 3, 2012

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1/ a few of my favorite books on this bookshelf
2/ new anthro cups on my kitchen shelves
3/ chalkboard decal that always has a grocery list on it
4/ coffee table (need to share the DIY for it still!) with my favorite holiday candle
5/ next to the staircase, my plant soaking up some sun
6/ a small section of the gallery wall
7/ my stack of InStyle magazines next to the TV
8/ a cozy seat in the living room
9/ magazine rack next to the couch

I’ve lived in my current apartment for almost 2 years now (so crazy) and I haven’t really shared much of it on the blog.  I just feel like it’s always evolving and has never been ready for a full-on dedicated post.  But eh, we’re thinking about moving again so I thought I’d better take some photos of the place before we jump ship.

Speaking of jumping ship, I’ve officially deemed “apartment hunting in Santa Monica” as the most difficult task I have ever tried to complete.  You think you’ve found the perfect place and then BAM it has no parking.  Or it has no stove.  Or it has no doors.  Something weird like that.  Really, landlords of Santa Monica?  Get it together.

Speaking of getting it together, this weekend was so unproductive and I loved every second of it.  Lazy weekends are the best. I did go to UNIQUE LA on Sunday, which was amazing by the way.  But other than that, I spent a lot of time on the couch, catching up on shows, knitting, reading, writing – lots of happy things.  Unproductivity is the best, am I right?

Winter is Coming

November 7, 2012

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This weekend, I took out all of my winter blankets and laid them around the apartment.  Too soon?  Maybe if I put the vibes out in the universe, we’ll stop having 90 degree weather.  Seriously, what is the deal?  My brain doesn’t comprehend blistering hot weather when the sun goes down at 4pm.  It only registers sweatpants and cuddling and warm soup.  So yes, I took out all my blankets in preparation for the cold.  For now, they’re pretty to look at but here’s hoping we can use them soon.

Speaking of our ridiculous 90 degree weather, I wish we could send some extra sunshine over to the East Coast right now.  They sure could use it.  In fact, they’re still in desperate need of supplies so be sure to donate if you can!

On a totally unrelated side note: I don’t like to get too political on the blog, but I’m so happy and proud that President Obama was reelected.  This is such a huge victory for women’s rights, civil rights, and HUMAN rights.  We have a responsibility to always move forward (and not back to 1950), work together without the extreme divisiveness, and figure out what’s best for this country.  Here’s hoping we can make these next 4 years count!  Also, so incredibly proud of the states that passed marriage equality laws.  My heart is full!

Typography wall art

March 29, 2012

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eva juliet print poster

I’ve only recently become obsessed with type, font, and graphic design, thanks mostly to my talented friends and Pinterest.  I just love the way fonts and words pair together to create something truly unique and special.  You can see some of my favorite designs here.

Also, what better way to show off some of your favorite typography than through hanging them on your wall?  I’m absolutely smitten with these vintage inspired posters from Eva Juliet (one of my favorite Etsy sellers, by the way) and would love them hanging alongside my other prints and wall friends.

eva juliet print poster

I think I’d hang them above my dining table in the kitchen area (as seen here and here) or I could always add it to my ever-changing and ever-growing gallery wall, as seen below.  I swear that thing changes almost weekly.  One day, we will master it, I have a good feeling about it!

gallery wall interior design

[Images 1 & 2; 3 via my instagram]

Rugs make everything better

March 21, 2012

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kilim rug

It’s been awhile since I’ve shown a little corner of my apartment.  I think I might start doing that more often now that it’s much lighter when I get home from work.  Don’t you feel so much better about life when you leave work and it’s still light outside?  Like you can accomplish so many things with those extra few hours of sunshine?  Thank goodness for daylight savings.

Anyway, I know I’ve shared this dining corner before but I’m constantly changing things around in my apartment so I thought I’d share it again, this time with a big ol’ beautiful rug.

It’s a Maimana Kilim rug and I purchased it on BlueTeddy’s etsy super recently.  And by “super recently,” I mean I ordered it last Thursday and it arrived on Monday…from York, England.  Before I could even begin to process how fast that shipping was, this thought went through my mind: OH MY GOSH, YORK’S REALLY CLOSE TO DOWNTON ABBEY.

Dear rug, I dig you.  Warm regards, Janelle