February 22, 2013



I’ve been kinda stressed this week and I think part of the reason is because of Scotchmallows, all thanks to my parents who sent me a giant bag full of them for Valentine’s Day.  The amount I’ve eaten would frighten an average person I think.  I literally cannot control myself.  Are they laced with crack?  I’ve eaten 3 since I started writing this post.  Ouy vey.  Here are a few other things I’m loving this week:

  • A fully booked trip to NYC, Connecticut, and Montreal is getting me real excited for spring!
  • I’m dying to make homemade kimchi and this seems like a perfect first-timer’s recipe.
  • I’ve been loving this hairstyle lately.  A few spritzes of surf spray and some bobby pins are all you need.
  • Speaking of hair, I kind of want to cut my hair this short.  Yay or nay??  Crazy talk?
  • Madewell, please stop with all the good boots.  My bank account is suffering for it.
  • I’m in the market for a new jacket and I can’t decide if I should go this route or this route.  Both, you say?  You got it, thanks for the sound advice.
  • Two great articles: one on productivity and another from Leandra on blogging.


Happy weekending!  I’ll be working mostly but it ain’t no thangggg.  Oh! And the photo above is from when we drove to this hike.  LA, you slay me sometimes.

9 thoughts on “FRIDAY LOVE LIST

  1. Kate

    P.S. My hair IS that short right now. I’ve been growing it out for four months to get it this long. It’s so funny to think about people cutting their hair short to my length now…. I say “Do it!” It’ll grow back (hopefully faster than mine).


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