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STYLE RECIPES: Festive Plaids

December 5, 2012

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J. Crew shirt, J. Crew jeans, Madewell boots, Gap parka (I have last year’s version)

As soon as December rolls around, you better believe I’m taking out my trusty holiday plaids.  I’m not very good at putting up festive decorations in my apartment or listening to Christmas music (Kyle is a grinch), but you can guarantee I’ll be wearing my plaids every other day.

Not going to lie, I usually pair my festive plaids with more exciting things, like leather (faux) skirts or under 5 layers of sweaters, but there was a slight drizzle this weekend and there was no way I was leaving the house without my parka.

If I could, I would wear this parka every day.  It’s my favorite thing ever.  A parka and a plaid, what more do I need out of life?

Style Recipes: Indecisive Weather

November 19, 2012

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Dress: Madewell (last worn here), Sweater: Topshop, Boots: Madewell

When my hair is desperate for a cut and the weather can’t decide if it wants be 75 degrees or 55 degrees, I put on my favorite polka dot dress and throw on an oversized sweater.  You can’t use your Jedi mind tricks on me, weather!  Speaking of Jedi mind tricks, I saw “Book of Mormon” this weekend and there was a cameo by Yoda.  I don’t consider myself a nerdy person but that really made my day.  JK, I’M REALLY NERDY.  Plus, the musical itself was so good!!

So back to the weather.  I don’t fully understand it.  25 years of living in Southern California and I still DON’T GET IT.  Because of my constant befuddlement, I over prepare by wearing things for both cold and hot weather simultaneously.  Chunky sweaters, short dresses, leather boots.  Take THAT, November.  The pale legs are staying out for as long as possible.

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STYLE RECIPES: Wedding Guest

October 29, 2012

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Dress: Juicy Couture (on sale here!), Lipstick: NARS Heat Wave, Clutch: J. Crew Factory, Shoes: Zara

I’m starting a new thang on the blog called “Style Recipes.”  Sidenote: When I got my driver’s license at 16, I wanted a custom license plate that said MZTHANG.  Really glad I didn’t go through with it.  Anyway, so this new thang I’m doing involves some outfit postage.  I’ve always wanted to do more outfits around here but never really got the ball rolling.  Well, it’s rolling now.  Are you cool with it?  I really hope so because sometimes I have mixed feelings.

So now that the ball is officially rollin’, I wore this outfit to my cousin’s wedding a few weeks ago.  Usually, I gravitate towards neutral colors but I couldn’t resist pairing this bright fuchsia dress with an even brighter red clutch.  Bright + bright = all right.  Cheesy?  I’m getting to that age where I start saying cheesy things and I don’t realize I’m saying them.

Also, my cousins are pretty adorable: