Hello, I’m Janelle!
I started The Style Eater in 2009 as a way to share all things stylish and delicious. Now, I mostly ramble about my life, with a few style posts and recipes thrown into the mix. You’ll also find lots of travel posts, essential products that I can’t live without, and if you look really hard, maybe a few nuggets of wisdom (probs not).

Now, a few things about me:
I live in Los Angeles with my fiancé, Kyle.
I’m an editor at InStyle Magazine (all opinions here are my own).
I love food so much that sometimes it hurts (literally I have a stomach ulcer, damn you tequila),
especially french fries, brussels sprouts, and pretty much anything that’s on a cheese board.
I’m wholly addicted to pinterest and instagram.
Give me some vintage Levi’s, a super soft tee, and a pair of ankle boots and I’m GOOD.

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