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November 24, 2014

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hair cut

If I were to describe the past 2.5 weeks of my life, it would be the title of this post. I decided to snip off about 5 inches of hair (I WANT IT ALL GONE, I said to my hair stylist quite emphatically). You can’t tell as much in this photo but it’s above my shoulders (see here). I feel like ME for the first time in a long time.

Wisdom teeth. Yes, I spent a drug-fueled (sorry not sorry) weekend recovering from getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. I’m still struggling a bit with it but definitely on the mend. Oh but you should’ve seen the chipmunk-cheeked snapchats I was sending out.

TURKEY. Favorite holiday is coming up. I love eating, bottom line. I also love my family. This year, we’re keeping the menu straightforward and classic, but cutting out all bread products for my mom and aunt who are currently Gluten Free (I’m still eating all the pumpkin pie though). Will report back after.

A few other things on my radar:

Vince cardigan
James Jeans (most comfortable jeans on this planet)
Warby Parker sunglasses
Zara boots

800 Degrees Pizza

February 16, 2012

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Last Saturday, I went to a new pizza place in Westwood Village called 800 Degrees and it was glorious.  Glorious partly because it was innovative and different; glorious also because it was damn delicious.

You stand in line, pick a base pizza (i.e. margharita, marinara, or white), choose all of your favorite toppings, they put your custom pie in an 800 degree oven for like a minute, and then it’s ready.  I’m serious, completely ready to eat before you even pay.  They also have amazing salads that you can mix and match with a beautiful hunk of burrata cheese.  Our burrata salad came with beets and arugula.

Did I mention that this place is cheap, cheap, cheap?  We’re talking HIGH quality ingredients, beautiful presentation, and delicious fare that won’t break the bank.  A dream place, I tell you.  Next time I go, I’ll take real photos with my fancy camera.  And get a cracked egg on top of my pizza.  Yeah, definitely happening.

Brunch in Silverlake

January 31, 2012

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cafe stella

I mentioned that we did a little brunchy brunch on Saturday for this lady’s big 25.  Brunching is my absolute favorite activity of all time.  If I had to choose between going to brunch or winning the lottery…well, let’s just say I’d have to think about it for a solid minute.

So we went to Cafe Stella in Silverlake.  Can I just say that it takes us 4 freeways to get to Silverlake and I live like 10 mins away?  Why is this crazy town so crazy?  Who designed these freeway systems and street maps?  Anyway, I had the lemon ricotta pancakes with a side of breakfast potatoes.  If you haven’t had ricotta in your pancakes yet, you haven’t lived.  Go order/make some ricotta pancakes immediately.  They were little pillows of heaven.  Kyle had the salmon eggs benedict but who knows what those tasted like because he didn’t offer me any…….

The patio is my favorite part – it’s quintessential Parisian cafe.  So lovely and chic.  It was a perfect place to spend the morning on such a warm and beautiful day.  PS – their coffee and lattes come straight from Intelligentsia next door, so that right there is a win-win situation.

Gift Guide {something special}

December 8, 2011

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gift guide

Whether I’m shopping for my mother, my significant other, or my best friend, sometimes I like to be extra nice and buy them a real special gift.  One that hurts my wallet a little bit but who cares because I know they’ll really love it.  Like a new sound system that I overheard them talking about.  Or a colorful pillow that matches their personality exactly.  Or a beautiful, hand-knit scarf that supports the economy of Ethiopian weavers.  Or even a Wacom writing tablet to make blogging a little more fun.  Oh, and that knot ring?  That’s what I want…just in case any boyfriends of 6+ years are wondering what to get me.  Just kidding!  No but seriously.  Anyway, these big ticket items are special in their own way and would be the perfect gifts for all of my favorite people.

Gabriela Artigas Knot Ring // Madewell Chambray shirt // Sonos Sound System

Lem Lem Scarf // Jonathan Adler Pillow // Wacom Tablet

Vintage Glass Bottles // Fujifilm Instax

Gift Guide {a little something}

December 7, 2011

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gift guide

We finally put up a tiny Christmas tree in my apartment and now everything is feeling real festive and jolly.  The tree was also a nice reminder that I need to start buying gifts for all my peeps and STAT!  The holidays are fast approaching, my friends.  I’m starting off my round of gift guides with items that are low in price but still pack a punch.   So here are a few small things that I would buy for all the various people in my life:

Yvette Van Boven’s “Hand Made” cookbook // baker’s twine
Winter Stripe iPhone case // Rifle Paper Co. coasters
Kate Spade Sparkler coin purse // Bellocq Earl Grey tea
Bauble Bar giraffe print bangle // Orla Kiely storage jar
Makr Carry Goods key chain