January 24, 2016

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JANELLE + KYLE from Ellay Films on Vimeo.

So I haven’t shared much of the wedding yet because I’ve officially deemed 2015 the fastest year on record. Who’s with me? It feels like I blinked and now we’re halfway through 2016 (kind of though, right?). Anyway, consider the wedding posts UNDERWAY. They are happening. We’re kicking it off with our wedding video by the amazingly talented Ellay Films.

You should’ve seen our faces when we watched it for the first time. Sobbing messes, the both of us!! I’m sure Kyle appreciates me telling you that. We’ve watched the video nearly a thousand times now and love every single second of it. We can’t thank Ellay enough for creating such a beautiful video. Not only are they our best friends (LITERALLY. Hi Jayadores!), but they are the MOST talented wedding videographers out there, so we were truly honored to have them shoot our day. Jaymee was actually a bridesmaid in my wedding so she had some double duty while filming!

Jaymee + Kim, we love you. Thank you for PERFECTLY capturing the best day ever.

P.S. They captured my absolute favorite moment from the day and I will be forever grateful for it. It’s minute 1:47, when Kyle and I exchanged our wedding cards for each other and they ended up being the exact same card (which I bought 8 months before the wedding and he bought the week before lol MEN). It was the only part of the day where I ugly cried. Like full-blown really embarrassing sobs. Thank goodness that my Kim Kardashian cry was OFF CAMERA.


November 30, 2015

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the style eater

Time goes by so fast, I can’t even get a grip on anything right now. Those wedding plans that seemed like a distant future, intangible and too far away to fully comprehend, were gone in an instant and now 2 months past. Life, you’re crazy. So much has happened, so much has changed.

I’m a married woman.
I went on a longgggggg honeymoon in France.
Work is totally nuts (been spending all my extra blogging time here).
I learned how to budget and it’s life changing.
I snapchat a lot (@janellegrodsky).
I don’t really workout anymore, but I’d like to get that up and running again (pun intended).
I didn’t blog for 5 months (which I was v sad about).

I’m trying to get back in to the swing of things finally, so hopefully I’ll be around these parts more often. Plus, I’m going to share ALLLLLL the wedding details so stay tuned for that.


the style eater pillow shop

I’m also selling pillows again!

I thought it was going to be a one-time thing but they sold SO DANG FAST, so I was like well shoot maybe we should sell a few more? Gotta pay off that honeymoon, ya know? Plus I want these Acne boots.

This time I’m selling on both Etsy and Tictail. You can find the stores here:

Since we’re launching on Cyber Monday, we’re running a discount TODAY ONLY for 15% OFF all pillows. Enter the code thestyleeater on either store site! Ends on Monday at 11:59 PM PST.

We will pretty much nevs do a discount again so scoop that shiz up if you’re feelin’ it. How cute are these mudcloth pillows though??

the style eater pillow shop

Speaking of Cyber Monday, you know I can’t resist it. I rounded up my fave places to catch a deal:

the style eater / cyber monday 2015

  1. MADEWELL (25% off everything): I’ll take one of everything, but especially the turtlenecks.
  2. ANTHROPOLOGIE (25% off sale): I love scooping up home decor and books during their sales.
  3. CRATE & BARREL (15% off everything): I’m in the market for some marble and C&B knows whats up.
  4. NEED SUPPLY (25% off everything): They always have the best coats and scarves during winter!
  5. J. CREW (30% off everything, plus 40% off select items): Sweaters, sweaters, and all the sweaters.
  6. URBAN OUTFITTERS ($15 off $75, $50 off $150): I usually go for their trendy tops and sweaters, but I’m digging their apartment stuff lately.
  7. WEST ELM (tiered discounts up to 25% off): Their jewelry boxes are my absolute favorite (fun fact: I used a bunch during my wedding!) and are the perfect gift for the ladies in your life.
  8. SEPHORA (do they even have a discount? Idk but I love Sephora): Winter makes my skin SO DRY so I’m always looking for ultra luxe serums and oils.
  9. SHOPBOP (tiered discounts up to 25% off): During Shopbop sales, I usually gravitate towards their Clare V. selection. Clare Vivs at a discounted price is so rare!

K that was a lot of blog time. Thanks for sticking around. SO MUCH MORE LATER.


July 17, 2015

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workout gear / the style eater

So there’s something I haven’t shared yet that I’ve been meaning to tell you and I wanted to make sure it stuck before I started really bragging about it, but I started working out. FOR 7 WEEKS STRAIGHT NOW. Can you believe it? Sorry for the iPhone quality pic by the way, we can’t all be top bloggers.

But it took 28 years and a planned wedding to really kick my ass into gear. I’m doing a 12 week program by Kayla Itsines called Bikini Body Challenge. Have you heard of it? It’s genius. I’m feeling really great about it, but it’s also f’ing hard as hell, excuse my language. Anyway, I promise to share all my thoughts on it, including some before & afters, because what’s a workout post without before & afters? But first, let’s talk about something more important:

Workout clothes.

Sure I’ve always owned workout clothes but I never needed them until now. So that means I’m getting lots of use out of them, but also I’m desperately in need of more. Like way more. Anyway, I figured the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (best sale of the year IMO) would be the perfect time to stock up because it’s all the new good stuff but for cheap.

I have my eyes on these sneakers, these leggings (I’m all about breathable material), this sports bra (I got a small chest so I’m fine with the low-impact bras), this racerback tank, this long sleeve tee, and these sweatpants for post-workout comfies.

Here’s everything from the sale that I’m eyeing (if you’re in Feedly, click the post title to view!):

[show_shopthepost_widget id=”877917″]


Also, if you’re not taking advantage of this Kiehl’s lotion during the Anniversary Sale, then you are MISSING OUT.

Wearing Outdoor Voices in the jump roping pic, specifically this bra and these pants. Also, no one told me that jump roping is a swift kick in the pants. Such a good cardio workout (omg I don’t know who I am anymore).


May 27, 2015

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Madewell Sightseer Slides | Club Monaco Thiais Sandals | All Saints Dorica Flat Sandal
Everlane Italian Slingback Sandal | Soludos Stripe Sandal | Ancient Greek Alethea Sandals
Forever 21 Huarache Sandal | Maryam Nassir Zadeh Sophie Sandal | Need Supply Co Orla Sandal

Last summer, I somehow managed to ruin all my sandals beyond repair (except for my trusty Birkenstocks) so I’ve been on the lookout for some replacements. How is it almost summer again? How is it May? How is it almost 2016 basically?

These are questions I cannot answer, but what I CAN do is buy some new sandals to ease the pain. I’ve been really wanting the kind that ties up around the ankle but why are they so hard to find? I want to pretend I’m sunning in Ibiza and you KNOW everyone in Ibiza has sandals that tie around the ankle. Those All Saints ones are about as close as I can find.

Anyway, I’m also into slides, espadrilles, and pretty much ANYTHING by Maryam Nassir Zadeh. SO excited for sandal season!


April 20, 2015

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overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

overalls / the style eater

Get it? Because I’m wearing overalls. Overall, things are great. Nevermind. You guys! I miss blogging. When I just logged on to my site to do this post, I got LOCKED OUT for forgetting my password too many times. It’s been too long, but here’s a quick update:

Wedding planning has been taking over my whole life, but I’m happy to say that most of the big stuff has been squared away. I can’t believe it’s in 6 months! We’ve sent out our STDs and had our engagement photos taken, both of which I’ll share on the blog soon. Oh ya, STDs are Save the Date’s, y’all. I’ve been liberally calling them STDs and have gotten MULTIPLE stare-downs from people overhearing me talk about them in public. Not all acronyms are treated the same. You live and you learn.

Actually, that’s pretty much the only update I have. That and overalls. These suckers have been back on the market for awhile now, but it was only recently that I’ve adopted them with full force. These are another pair that I’ve been wearing pretty much every weekend, including last weekend at Coachella and on my trip to Santa Barbara (which was a total dream). Overalls remind me of 7th grade though, when I had pastel yellow Dickies ones and pretty much thought I was the queen of fashion and all things right in this world. So they sometimes make me cringe, but mostly I love them. Middle school, man. Those were some awkward years.

Also! There are just a few pillows left in the shop, in case you need some mudcloth in your life. Trust me, you do need it in your life.

Heidi Merrick striped top
H&M overalls (but sold out mostly so similar herehere and here)
Madewell sandals (and 20% off right now YAYYYY)
Marc Jacobs sunglasses (old)
Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella