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February 21, 2013

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essentials: dior lip glow / the style eater

I used to wear strawberry chapstick exclusively for the better part of my 25 years (errr…I think I’m 26 now actually?).  It has this perfect just-bitten hue that I couldn’t find anywhere else.  That mixed with it’s faux strawberry flavahh couldn’t be beat IMO.

…until I learned about intuitive lip balm.  Do you know of this magical, mythical product?  I truly feel like it’s one of the most underrated makeup products out there.  Basically, the balm reacts with the chemistry of your lips to enhance it’s natural color.  Super subtle, yet it somehow creates this perfect hue that you never knew you needed before.  Also, it reacts to everyone differently.  So for me, it’s a super light pink.  For someone else, it could be richer.  It’s like it knows exactly what color your lips ought to be.  Magic, I tell you.

My favorite intuitive lip balm is Dior Addict Lip Glow.  It’s a little on the pricey side but honestly and truthfully, I think it’s so worth the bucks.  It’s really moisturizing and it lasts on your lips for a VERY long time.  We’re talking HOURS.  It’s perfect for daytime when you need a little hint of color but still want to look like yourself.

Find it here or here.

*PS…my favorite intuitive lip gloss is Smashbox’s O-Gloss.  Oh it’s the most perfect pink if you’re more of a gloss person than a balm person!

essentials: dior lip glow / the style eater

essentials: dior lip glow / the style eater

essentials: dior lip glow / the style eater


January 22, 2013

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Kyle and I sometimes wear the same shoes.  We also have a lot of the same clothing items.  Is that normal? Probably. Maybe??  Not at all?  I don’t know really.  But don’t worry, we’re also polar opposites in a lot of ways.  I mean, whereas he uses only one notebook to jot down his thoughts, I rotate between 5 and 15 notebooks at a time.  How can a person get by with only one notebook?

Anyway, here are a few of our snazzy and somewhat similar things side-by-side (my stuff on the left, his on the right):

His/Hers Polka Dots

His/Hers Bumble & Bumble

His/Hers Notebooks

His/Hers Supergas

HER: Madewell Polka Dot Shirt (similar here) // HIS: Gitman Bros. Polka Dot Shirt
HER: Bumble & Bumble Semisumo hair product // HIS: Bumble & Bumble Sumotech hair product
HER: Rotating stack of notebooks // HIS: Evernote Moleskine notebook
HER: Supergas // HIS: Supergas

ESSENTIALS: Egyptian Magic

November 8, 2012

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I’m going to be honest with you: I buy a lot of shit.  But…I try to invest in things (“try” being the emphasized word here) that I know will benefit me in the long run.  Essentials, if you will.

So I’ve decided to start a new column about all of my favorite essentials.  It’ll be anything from my go-to tees to my favorite kitchen tools.  I’m no expert on products WHATSOEVER so you can completely ignore everything I say if it ain’t yo thang.

So here goes!  My first essential is Egyptian Magic.  One time, I left it at my parents’ house and my mom asked me if it was sex cream.  UM, NO MOM!!!!  It’s a salve for dry skin, JEEZ!!!!!  #awkward.

It resembles Aquaphor or Vaseline but it’s a bit more natural with its’ beeswax and olive oil ingredients.  Here’s what I use it for: on dry skin (face, elbows, toes, hands); removing my makeup (eye and lip); on my split ends; as a chapstick for my lips; on my eyebrows to create shape; on sunburns in the summer; and around my eyes.  What a multi-tasker!

Also, it lasts FOREVER.  I bought this jar probably 8 or 9 months ago and I’ve barely scratched the surface.  I love it almost as much as when I click a link in Pinterest and it takes you to the ACTUAL original source.  Best thing ever, am I right?  You can find it here!


February 2, 2012

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A few things:

A.) I’d like to first sincerely apologize for looking like I graduated with honors from Tool Academy with my sweet Myspace pic above.  If this was 2003, THAT would be my Myspace pic, just sayin’.  I have a perfectly good explanation for it though.  My boyfriend, Mr. Taylor, is too busy to take pictures of me so I’m forced to do so myself.  That guy!  Sheesh.

B.) I’m wearing a sweet Peter Pan collar in this photo but you can’t see it.  Ugh.

C. ) I don’t normally share these extra mundane details of my life, like getting haircuts or what my new car insurance rate is (by the way, it’s really good), but since I did a little hair inspo post a few days ago, I felt it was my duty to follow up.  As you can see I didn’t take any of my own advice and did something completely different.

D.) And by “completely different,” I mean I showed my hair stylist the Olivia Palermo photo and she took a few liberties of her own and chopped like 90% of my hair off.  PS – here is what it looked like before.

It’ll do, right?