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September 18, 2014

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mom jeans

mom jeans

Mom jeans. WHO KNEW? I never thought I’d get on the bandwagon, but then these Madewell Perfect Summer Jeans came along and really flipped the switch on me. They’re so comfortable and hit at the hip just so. Baggy but not too baggy. Tight but not too tight. Flattering but not too flattering. Exactly what I need in a relaxed weekend jean.

Plus, this heat wave that’s rolling through LA is making it virtually impossible to fit into any of my skinny jeans. I mean, I have no AC in my apartment and there’s no way a pair of skinny jeans are happening. They ain’t gettin up. So it’s settled then, mom jeans for the rest of September and probably the rest of my life.

Gap tank, old (similar here)
Madewell Perfect Summer Jeans
Baggu bucket bag
Madewell d’orsay flats

More favorite mom jeans here:

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September 15, 2014

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Welp, September kind of creeped up on us out of nowhere, right? I’ve been in Toronto for work and gosh darn it, what a beautiful city. So clean and friendly and stylish. I was there for the Toronto International Film Festival and aside from the super long hours, nonstop activity, and ruined feet from wearing too many heels, it was an exhilarating experience. You can see all of our hard work here, here, and here. So proud of my team!

Anyway, I’m back now and that means I can start planning a wedding. Did I tell you that we have a date? And a venue? Oh, sweet relief! Weddings are hard, y’all. So much respect for all you married people. Teach me your ways? I need a photographer, florist, DJ/band, caterer, alcohol, rentals, lighting, decor, a dress, coordinator/planner, and misc (my friend Jaymee said to always leave room for “misc”). Also, I don’t know what “my colors” are. Why do we live and die by the color scheme? I want no color scheme. Shoot I gotta start saying “our.” OUR COLOR SCHEME.

Also, Los Angeles: why ya gotta be 90 degrees the rest of this week?

More on all of these topics coming soon. Happy mid-September!

Zara cami (old, similar here)
Zara pants
Topshop sandals (similar here)


August 3, 2014

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ojai valley inn / the style eater

This weekend, I did some major sprucing up around this here blog. How does she look? It’s been a few years since my last redesign so I figured now was as good a time as any to make some changes. First up, the logo. I hired my friend, Eva Black, to hand letter The Style Eater in her famous watercolor cursive and it turned out exactly how I envisioned. I mean, HOW COOL, RIGHT? I love it. Thanks, Eva!

As for the design, it’s a Blogzilla Studio theme (the mignon!) and let me tell you, they know a thing or two about making good-looking blogs. Their designs are so chic and minimal. I’ve been searching high and low for a reasonably priced, yet super cool design for SO LONG, I can’t even tell you.

Anyway, take a looksie around. There are a few new details, like a rotating list of my current favorite things (at the top!), some fun sharing tools in the posts, and an easier way to subscribe via feedly, bloglovin, and rss.

Other things I did this weekend:
-almond-macadamia milk lattes from go get em tiger
venice in the rain
-looked at all the wedding venues

Free People dress
Birkenstocks (mine are Amalfi’s)
Baggu Bag


June 26, 2014

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summer uniform / the style eater

summer uniform / the style eater

summer uniform / the style eater

I’ve been wearing this particular outfit (or a version of it) as often as humanly possible. I’m not even kidding, either. See here, here, here, and probably Saturday. A black camisole + vintage Levi’s 501 shorts. Simple but so, so comfortable, especially in this hot summer-ness that we’re experiencing. I wore it on our Brooklyn day in New York. I wore it on our vacation in Lake Chelan, Washington. I’m wearing it right now, probably.

Zara camisole (old, similar here)
Vintage Levi’s 501s
Coach handbag

Here, here (or is it hear, hear?) to a summer uniform! I’ll be honest with you. Since that photo was taken in mid-May, I’ve switched footwear from Converse to these Birkenstocks. If a better shoe exists on this planet, I’d like to know, because Birks are literally the best things ever. If they’re wrong, I don’t want to be right. I swear, I’ve never met a more divisive shoe. People either hate them with every fiber of their soul and being OR they love them so much that it becomes their sole footwear and sometimes best friend. I’m definitely with the latter group. So a black camisole + Levi’s 501s + Birkenstocks. What’s your summer go-to?

Photos by Jaymee!


June 18, 2014

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I’ve been on a necklace kick recently and my philosophy on necklace-wearing is: the daintier, the better. I’ve never looked particularly good with chunky jewelry on and I’d rather it not make a huge statement, if we’re being honest, so dainty and delicate it is. I’m the same way with rings, too. Dainty all around!

Of course, that’s just me. Lately, I’m all about figuring out what’s ME. You know…WHO AM I? What works with my skin and hair and overall demeanor? What feels right? What looks best? Well, I think I’m a gal who appreciates a dainty gem or two.

WEARING: Maya Brenner Mini Letter Necklace, Of A Kind x Aili Black Diamond Bar Necklace

WANT THESE: Another Feather Dart Necklace, Grace Lee Turquoise Bezel Necklace, Sashi Solitaire Necklace, Jennie Kwon Art Deco Necklace, Brvtvs Constantine I Necklace

And now, a filtered, real-time, stare-off-into-le-space #selfie of dainty necklaces in action: