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800 Degrees Pizza

February 16, 2012

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Last Saturday, I went to a new pizza place in Westwood Village called 800 Degrees and it was glorious.  Glorious partly because it was innovative and different; glorious also because it was damn delicious.

You stand in line, pick a base pizza (i.e. margharita, marinara, or white), choose all of your favorite toppings, they put your custom pie in an 800 degree oven for like a minute, and then it’s ready.  I’m serious, completely ready to eat before you even pay.  They also have amazing salads that you can mix and match with a beautiful hunk of burrata cheese.  Our burrata salad came with beets and arugula.

Did I mention that this place is cheap, cheap, cheap?  We’re talking HIGH quality ingredients, beautiful presentation, and delicious fare that won’t break the bank.  A dream place, I tell you.  Next time I go, I’ll take real photos with my fancy camera.  And get a cracked egg on top of my pizza.  Yeah, definitely happening.