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June 10, 2013

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You guys, I’m addicted to buying plants. Can’t stop, won’t stop = my plant-buying philosophy. I’m also addicted to online shopping and that’s a real issue, whereas plant-buying is totally okay to do. For example, this dress from ASOS is something I didn’t need at all, but it sure made me smile so I put it in my online cart and look how precious it is? I feel like I stepped into 1992. All I need are some black Converse, a scrunchy or two, and a choker necklace, which lucky for me, are all on their way thanks to another online shopping excursion (kidding! I’m so not ready for a choker necklace). But plants? Those are definite needs. THEY GIVE US OXYGEN, for goodness sake. They do, right? My last science class was like 10 years ago probably.

Just so you know, I air out all my issues here so I don’t have to pay for therapy. So thanks! Anyway, I wore this get-up to the Everlane party this weekend, which by the way, was a total blast. Great venue, great food, great people, great company. Here’s an instagram from it.

Happy Monday!

OUTFIT DETAILS | ASOS dress, Madewell boots, Coach bag