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September 3, 2013

Filed Under : MY LIFE

pup tan

Weekends are great and all, but 3-day weekends are equivalent to finding $50 in your winter coat, snagging a parking spot in LA, winning the lotto, long walks on the beach, rainbows, pots of gold, ALL THE GOOD THINGS.

I meannnnn….they’re the best, right? A lot of people asked me what I was doing for the long holiday weekend and I’ll be honest with you, I hung out at my parents’ house with my dog.

Sometimes what you really need is a paw in your face to really put things into perspective and my goodness, I’m feeling 100x better already (also my parents’ central AC really did the trick too). My pup and I swam together (as seen in this insta), laid out together, ate Goldfish crackers together, told each other wild stories about life, so on and so forth. He loves when I’m back home because I give him extra scratches and let him up on the lounge chairs when he’s not allowed to be (sorry mom). He also totally messed up my tan lines, but that’s alright because he’s so ridiculously precious. Three cheers for long weekends, adorable pups, and pool days!