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October 2, 2013

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ONE / i FINALLY took kyle out for his birthday dinner (i say “finally” because his birthday is september 10th and you’d think i could take him out sooner because we live together but sometimes i fail as a girlfriend, don’t we all?). so we went to picca in LA and trust me when i say this: our minds were BLOWN. we’ve been to picca’s sister restaurant in dtla before (called mo chica), but i’m pretty sure japanese-inspired peruvian food is my new jam. did you watch New Girl last night? the whole episode was about picca and we got a hearty chuckle out of it. also, avocado cocktails. i mean, whattttt????

TWO / i go on a lot of business lunches and i love when people suggest fun places to meet, like hotel bel air. it’s tucked in the hills above sunset blvd and for 2 hours of my day (lunches aren’t something to mess around with), i feel like i’m on vacation. don’t even get me started on the lush greenery and beautiful grounds. it’s fancy as F so i usually feel a little out of place, but like i said in my last post, we all deserve a little fanciness once in awhile.

THREE & FOUR / i skipped work on monday to attend a super fun photography workshop with my girls, Jaymee and Ann-Marie. you can see more from our day on ann-marie’s blog, but we always have so much fun together. after the class, we had lunch at eat drink americano in the arts district and that chalkboard wall? whoever did that, you’re hired.


July 21, 2013

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manhattan beach / the style eater

What’s the point of a beautiful sunset on the Manhattan Beach pier without a couple of dslrs and a few iphones? No point, I tell you. That’s what happens when Jaymee, Ann-Marie, and I get together. All bets are off. Cameras are out. Documenting begins. Gramming happens. But that’s what I love about these girls. I’ve known them FOREVER and they’re MA PEEPS. But beyond that, we’re always on the same page: cameras out at all times. We GET each other. We pose for each other. WE LOVE EACH OTHER.

manhattan beach / the style eater

^^Plus, a pre-sunset dinner at Lemonade will always hit the spot. Lemonade, why do you have to be so good all the time. Gimme those kimchi noodles every single day of my life.

manhattan beach / the style eater

^^This is Ann-Marie and she’s the best. One of my favorite people on this here earth.

manhattan beach / the style eater

^^This is Jaymee and she’s ALSO the best. Another favorite, I tell ya. Gosh, I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

manhattan beach / the style eater

manhattan beach / the style eater

^^See? Doesn’t get better than that.


manhattan beach / the style eater

manhattan beach / the style eater

manhattan beach / the style eater

^^All of Ann-Marie’s dreams came true when she saw the aqua-colored railings on the pier. That girl lives and breathes bright colors.


^^Oh hiiiiiii.

manhattan beach / the style eater


manhattan beach / the style eater

^^We give lots of high-fives…

manhattan beach / the style eater

^^…and a lot of giggling happens.

manhattan beach / the style eater

^^and I give real-life *thumbs up* emojis from time to time.

manhattan beach / the style eater

manhattan beach / the style eater

^^Jaymee makes sure to get those perfect sun flares and don’t even ask what I’m doing.

manhattan beach / the style eater

manhattan beach / the style eater

^^Thanks Manhattan Beach for a lovely evening with a few of my favorite people.


November 6, 2012

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My friend, Ann-Marie, and I are always on the same page.  She might be more into stamping things and I might be more into eating things, but we meet somewhere in the middle.  We can talk for hours on end about blogs, creative people, instagram, and our shared love for good pens.

Whenever I need a creative boost, I turn to her for a little inspiration.  She’s full of incredible ideas, that one!  On our blog date, we sussed out new content for our sites and gave each other lots of feedback.

Also!  Ann-Marie relaunched her online shop and it’s full of AMAZING stamps (and those pencils above!) that are perfect for the holiday season.  Check it out here: Ann-Marie Loves Paper

Guest Post: Ann-Marie of “Ann-Marie Loves Paper”

September 26, 2011



I’m Ann-Marie and I am so excited to be guest-blogging here at The Style Eater. I’ve known Janelle since our freshman year of high school, when I totally bought the same pair of DVS skater shoes that she had (lord help us understand why those were ever considered stylish?!). Let’s just say, she has always been a fashion idol of mine!  🙂 So while she is rubbing elbows with Fred Armisen in Portlandia, I will tell you a little about my slight obsession with thrifting.

California will always hold the number one spot in my heart in virtually every other way, but I have to say it: Utah has the best thrifting. When I moved here last year to take on an awesome job in the crafts industry, I quickly discovered Deseret Industries. Okay, so it’s totally owned by the Mormons, but it is AWESOME! There are a bunch of stores within a thirty mile radius of where I live, and you better believe I hit up each and every one of them as often as possible. Here are a some of my favorite items to look for:

Bowls, bowls, and more bowls. I use them to hold just about everything, from craft supplies to food to keys.

Frames in all different shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what color they come in because you can spray paint the heck out of them to match your decor. For less than two dollars a pop, creating gallery walls in your space has never been more affordable!

Trays + other types of decorative holders. In this case, I bought a glass cabinet window for three bucks and turned it into a tray for my coffee table. Easy peasy.

Typewriters. Currently I am the owner of two typewriters that are both fully-functioning and as awesome as ever. I love using them for all my paper projects and labeling needs.

And the one area I have not had much luck in…clothes. It doesn’t help matters when most of the clothing section has lovely(?) pieces like the one above, but I have faith that the right items will come my way one day!

A few key things to remember when thrifting…

  • There are very few things that a good scrubbing and a few coats of spray paint can’t fix. Look beyond the current state of the object and think about it’s potential.
  •  Don’t be afraid to dig in and move things around. There are bargains to be had, so get in there!
  • Sometimes it’s fun to go hunting when you have a few desired items in mind, but I always score my best finds when I simply keep my eyes open to whatever may be there that day.
  • Always have a bottle of hand sanitizer on you at all times! 😉

Happy thrifting!

Ann-Marie: Ann-Marie Loves Paper // ETSY STORE // Pinterest [editor note: she’s the pinning QUEEN!!]