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Fall Bedazzling

October 6, 2010

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Fall 2010 Accessories

…and by “bedazzling” I don’t mean rhinestoning my favorite jean jacket (been there, done that).  I want to spruce up my fall wardrobe with some new, snazzy accents!

During the chillier months, I tend to stick to a neutral palette of nudes, grays, and blacks, intermingling them with a small splash of color and excitement.  These accessories are perfect examples of said splash.  You know, just a little something to get through the dreary months ahead.

  1. Leopard print scarf: I love scarves in all shapes, colors, and sizes but this Madewell City Camo Scarf ($49.50) is not only on-trend for fall, but super fun and dramatic as well.
  2. Desert boots: These Madewell Suede Sandstorm Boots ($188) are equal parts rugged and chic.  I can imagine myself wearing them with skinny jeans or wool skirts or silk dresses – they would seriously pair well with anything!
  3. Berry lips: I really love the idea of a darker lip for fall but I just can’t pull it off.  Luckily, I have this sheer version, Fresh Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment ($22.50), that gives just a subtle berry hue.
  4. Red belt: One of my favorite ways to break up an all black ensemble (my wardrobe all winter) is with a punchy colored belt like this red Topshop Bow Detail Skinny Belt ($30).
  5. Stackable rings: These Lucky Brand Stackable Rings ($32) are adorable.  It’s just that plain and simple.
  6. Metallic nail polish: I literally hyperventilate with pure elation when I see a new nail polish color, like this NARS Vintage Nail Polish in Mash ($16).  It’s like a metallic army green with specks of gold, SWOON!
  7. Arm warmers: Ever since I first noticed the phenomenon that is arm warmers (here),  I’ve been totally smitten with them.  And because I’ve been waiting patiently for their arrival since February, you can only imagine my excitement when I spotted these J. Crew Ribbed Glovettes ($22.50).
  8. Structured handbag: A small structured handbag like this ASOS Leather Croc Lock Across Body Bag ($84.25) will help me bring out my lady-like side.  Oh wait, do I have that side?

Be Cool, Stay Warm

February 22, 2010

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Image Via Garance Doré}

Ever since New York Fashion Week, I have fall on my mind. I’m over spring and summer already. I just want to bundle up in as many layers as possible (even though more than one layer in Southern California is unheard of).

Now that NYFW is over, there were three major things I noticed that I’m dying to replicate for fall:

  1. LAYERS! (obvs) Layer it up! 3, 4, 7 layers – it doesn’t matter as long as you pile it on. The trick is to use thin layers so that you don’t overdo it. Start with a sheer tee and go from there. Top it with a long cardigan (or 2) and top that with a blazer/raincoat/cape coat/peacoat (any kind of coat will do) and then…
  2. BELT YOUR COAT. It’s seriously the easiest way to style up your oversized winter coat. Belt it! Everyone and their editor was belting their coats this NYFW. I loved it! A thiner belt works best but that doesn’t mean a larger belt is out of the question. That is totes up to you, my friend.
  3. ARM WARMERS. At least I think they’re called arm warmers?? But this was another trend I noticed both inside and outside the tents at Bryant Park. Not only are they great layering tool but they look super chic as well. Best part? They allow your fingers to be free (Blackberry and iPhone friendly).

If you’re living in cooler climates, now is a great time to test out these fall essentials because it will start warming up soon enough! It’s 60 degrees in SoCal today and on my scale, that’s freezing. So I will definitely be testing the waters on these 3 trends asap. That is until I see a super cute dress and I’ll be yearning for spring all over again…