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February 3, 2014

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So this thing happened the other day where I simultaneously turned 27 years old and made a life decision to wear kimonos. What is it with birthdays that really help you realize what’s important in life? Like kimonos. I’m all about this asos one. And this one too (although I’m not sure it can be considered a kimono, but it’s cute as hell, I have it). Anyway, they are what my 27th year of life is going to be about.

It’s also going to be about saving money and going on fun trips (how do you do both? we’re going to find out). Working hard, working out (if you can believe it!), taking care of myself, eating meat again (I’m tired of being a vegetarian), spending even more time with my friends (for laughs and lots of inspiration), and building a home with someone I love. Going into 27, I was resistant to it. I felt transient and confused. But now that it’s here, I don’t feel that way at all. I’m more sure of myself now, more settled and certain. Adulthood is a real thing and it’s smacking me right across the face. I’ll take it.

27, I’m ready for you. With a kimono on.