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May 24, 2013


YOWZA. Ok so that was probably a few too many travel posts and I’m just glad to be blabbering about absolutely nothing once again. Also I’d like to point out that my butt is not shaped like that. I swear the wind’s blowing straight through that cotton and expanding that jumpsuit in the oddest of ways! Oh but that view. NOT MY BUM VIEW, I’m talking about the scenic view.

That’s the kind of view where you can’t help but pull over to the side of the road and admire just how beautiful this dang place is. And that’s exactly what we did. We were driving through the canyons between Malibu and the Valley (this is my favorite part of the LA area, mind you), windows down, dirty and dusty from the Topanga Folk Festival (more on that next week), our car winding and curving along the street, when this jaw-dropping vista pops up to the left of us. We pulled over right then and there, got out, and let the wind creep in our cotton jumpsuits and make our bums look all big and outta sorts. You get the picture. Aside from this glorious day, here are a few other things I’m loving:

+ The 7-minute workout. You guys, this just MIGHT be the thing that changes my mind about working out! How fantastic does it sound? Ok no, I haven’t tried it yet but by golly, I’m starting it up on Monday…or maybe the following Monday.

+ 20% off everything at ASOS until Monday with the code TAKE20. You better believe I’m taking advantage of that, maybe in the form of this perfect cami, this colorful swing dress, and this adorable overall thing that I likely also wore in the 2nd grade.

+ I mean WHO ISN’T making tacos this weekend? I think I’d like mine with a side of these taco pickles, please.

+ Peony season at Trader Joe’s! The most glorious 2 weeks of the year. Run to your nearest TJ’s and pick some up, I swear your life will instantly feel better. I’m loading up until those things are out of stock.

I hope everyone has a lovely Memorial Day weekend (and hopefully it’s a 3-day weekend?). Same time, same place next week. xo