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Gift Guide {a little something}

December 7, 2011

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gift guide

We finally put up a tiny Christmas tree in my apartment and now everything is feeling real festive and jolly.  The tree was also a nice reminder that I need to start buying gifts for all my peeps and STAT!  The holidays are fast approaching, my friends.  I’m starting off my round of gift guides with items that are low in price but still pack a punch.   So here are a few small things that I would buy for all the various people in my life:

Yvette Van Boven’s “Hand Made” cookbook // baker’s twine
Winter Stripe iPhone case // Rifle Paper Co. coasters
Kate Spade Sparkler coin purse // Bellocq Earl Grey tea
Bauble Bar giraffe print bangle // Orla Kiely storage jar
Makr Carry Goods key chain

I Heart You.

February 10, 2011

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Valentine Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookie

My bf and I have been together almost 6 years (yowza!), so that means we’ve already experienced most of the generic Valentine’s Day requirements, like expensive pre-fixed dinners, bouquets of flowers, a surprise date to a beautiful outdoor ice skating rink where he forgets to bring a pair of socks for you to ice skate in (and you’re randomly sockless that night because you wanted to look extra cute and wear heels) because who remembers socks when you’re trying to plan surprise dates???  Ya, that happened.

Valentine Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookie

So now we keep it simple for Valentine’s Day.  A witty card, a sweet note, gifts in the form of food…that’s all we need!  So I made these sugar cookies, recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman, and tied them up with baker’s twine because honestly, what says I love you more than a delicious, heart-shaped cookie?

DIY Holiday Garland

December 22, 2010

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DIY garland

When I first saw this DIY Scandinavian inspired star garland on Creature Comforts blog, I knew this type of craft was right up my alley.  First, it didn’t seem too difficult (I’m a level C crafter) and second, I’m slightly obsessed with baker’s twine and have been searching for the perfect excuse to buy some (purchased here).

Along my crafting journey, I found about half of the garland’s supplies at Michael’s (clay and star cookie-cutter) and half at JoAnn (gold sequins…ok I bought a couple bags of gold sequins, don’t judge), and started DIYing!  I seriously love festive crafternoons, don’t you?

If you’re dying to make a last-minute holiday craft, here are the very simple steps to make this garland (for a more complete tutorial, go to Creature Comforts):

DIY garland
1. Roll out the clay evenly on a flat surface and use the star-shaped cutter to cut out the stars.  Once all of the stars are cut out, make sure to let the clay dry for at least 10 hours or until it’s hard.

2. Admire all of the pretty components while you wait for the hot glue gun to heat up.

DIY garland
3. With the hot glue gun, dab a small circle of glue in the center of the star, adhering the baker’s twine to it.

DIY garland
4. Place a gold sequin over the glue and baker’s twine so that it all fastens securely to the star.

DIY garland
5. Once you’ve made the garland to your desired length, let the glue dry.  Technically, you should let it sit for at least 30 minutes but if you’re anything like me, you’ll stare at the drying glue for all of 45 seconds and immediately hang it on the tree.

DIY garland
6. And that’s exactly what I did!  I hung it on my blurry tree.  Oh wait, you thought it was my photo that was blurry?  No, we have a blurry tree.

DIY garland
7. Or use it as gift wrap.  Personally, this is my favorite part of the DIY garland.  It makes all of your gifts that much more personal and special.  For example, that’s a piece of cardboard above but since it’s adorned with a homemade touch, it’s easily transformed into the best gift under the Christmas tree.