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Oh, hiiiiii 2012.

January 4, 2012

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You guys!  I’ve missed you so much.  I only wanted to take a short break between Christmas and New Year’s, but then my blog almost died and that forced me to take an even longer break than expected.  I switched to a new server and in that time, we had some issues uploading all of my content to it’s new home.  There was a minute where Kyle said to me “Ok I hope everything is still there.”  But luckily that kid is pretty smart and figured it out.  So 2012 started with a slight heart attack for me.  But now it’s all good!

I hope you had a restful holiday season.  Mine was spent back home with my family and friends.  I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!  Lots of shopping, lots of relaxing, lots of melting in 85 degree weather.  I appreciate a good 85 degree day in July but not in December – it just gets awkward.  Besides the perpetual sweating, my time off was kind of amazing.  Here are just a few of the things I did over the the holidays:

Lots of activities including but not limited to: knitting, playing with my new tablet (!!!), and partaking in lots of burrito times…

Hanging out with these crazies as much as possible (gosh, I love them)…

Getting to see these cute people

And wearing lots of bold colors (unusual for me, let me tell you)…

*As for 2012 resolutions?  I’ll start with a few of these things happy people do.  Then, I want to work harder, never take anything for granted, spend even MORE time with all of my favorite people, and maybe actually possibly start writing a book (which was one of my goals for 2011…didn’t happen).  We shall see what 2012 will bring us, but here’s hoping it’s nothing but beautiful and amazing things.

Gift Guide {something special}

December 8, 2011

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gift guide

Whether I’m shopping for my mother, my significant other, or my best friend, sometimes I like to be extra nice and buy them a real special gift.  One that hurts my wallet a little bit but who cares because I know they’ll really love it.  Like a new sound system that I overheard them talking about.  Or a colorful pillow that matches their personality exactly.  Or a beautiful, hand-knit scarf that supports the economy of Ethiopian weavers.  Or even a Wacom writing tablet to make blogging a little more fun.  Oh, and that knot ring?  That’s what I want…just in case any boyfriends of 6+ years are wondering what to get me.  Just kidding!  No but seriously.  Anyway, these big ticket items are special in their own way and would be the perfect gifts for all of my favorite people.

Gabriela Artigas Knot Ring // Madewell Chambray shirt // Sonos Sound System

Lem Lem Scarf // Jonathan Adler Pillow // Wacom Tablet

Vintage Glass Bottles // Fujifilm Instax