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urbanic summer social

June 29, 2011

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A couple weeks ago, we went to the Urbanic Summer Social in Venice.  I pretty much love anything related to Urbanic so I was super excited to go, spend a little money, sip lemonade cocktails, sample lots of Sweet Lucie’s ice cream, and mingle with some very creative people.

Best part?  We got a real purty picture taken of us by the photography duo The Why We Love.  Ain’t it presh?  Sorry I’ve been speaking in a Southern twang lately because True Blood is back on, forgive me.

Go check out the rest of the photos from the Urbanic Summer Social here.  The photography is unreal, the decor is spot-on, and there are lots o’ bloggers to be found.  Take a looksie!

[Image via The Why We Love]