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June 26, 2014

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summer uniform / the style eater

summer uniform / the style eater

summer uniform / the style eater

I’ve been wearing this particular outfit (or a version of it) as often as humanly possible. I’m not even kidding, either. See here, here, here, and probably Saturday. A black camisole + vintage Levi’s 501 shorts. Simple but so, so comfortable, especially in this hot summer-ness that we’re experiencing. I wore it on our Brooklyn day in New York. I wore it on our vacation in Lake Chelan, Washington. I’m wearing it right now, probably.

Zara camisole (old, similar here)
Vintage Levi’s 501s
Coach handbag

Here, here (or is it hear, hear?) to a summer uniform! I’ll be honest with you. Since that photo was taken in mid-May, I’ve switched footwear from Converse to these Birkenstocks. If a better shoe exists on this planet, I’d like to know, because Birks are literally the best things ever. If they’re wrong, I don’t want to be right. I swear, I’ve never met a more divisive shoe. People either hate them with every fiber of their soul and being OR they love them so much that it becomes their sole footwear and sometimes best friend. I’m definitely with the latter group. So a black camisole + Levi’s 501s + Birkenstocks. What’s your summer go-to?

Photos by Jaymee!