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Fastest week ever

July 8, 2011

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hammer museum

This photo was taken last night at the Hammer Museum in Westwood.  See, they have the right idea about string lights!
Every Thursday evening in the month of July, Hammer is hosting a free show with our local public radio station, KCRW.  Besides the fact that I love anything free, lots of real good up-and-coming bands are playing on these nights.
Like last night for instance, boyfriend and I specifically went to the event to see a Brit band called Graffiti6.  They have become recent favorites so I was super excited to see them live and boy oh boy is their lead singer dreamy/handsome/amazing.  He’s going to be a star, I can already tell!

Anyway, what are your plans for this weekend?
We’re heading over to Silverlake to visit Broome St. General Store and eat at Forage,
finding some cheap frames for recent art prints I bought on Etsy (this one and this one),
rearranging the bedroom and moving things around a bit,
possibly visiting the beach,
and getting a visit from my cousin Kelsie.

Enjoy the sun!  By the way, what the hell happened to the week?  I completely forgot I owned and operated a blog, that’s how fast it went.