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July 11, 2011


So we may not have made it out to Silverlake this weekend and Kyle may have slept the entire day on Saturday (men), but we ended up having a very successful weekend.

Here’s why…

We got a bunch of new art frames for our soon-to-be gallery wall.  The empty, white space above the couch in the living room is just begging for some color and we can’t wait to showcase our hodge podge collection of art:
gallery wall

I picked up this starry pillow on sale at West Elm for $14.  It really spruces up our all-white (and wrinkly) bed:
west elm pillow

We booked a trip to Portland.  We’ll be heading there in September for lots of good food, some exploring, and (lucky for us!!) a Bon Iver concert:
ace hotel portland

This has nothing to do with progress but I made a yummy pasta last night, complete with zucchini, grape tomatoes, olive tapenade, and feta cheese.  Ain’t it purty!:
zucchini pasta

Weekend Snapshots (aka instagrams)

June 20, 2011

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My new camera battery charger is en route from China so I’m still camera-less and it’s all very depressing.  Until it arrives, I will (of course) still be using my instagram app heavily.  I mean, why not?  It probably takes better photos than my regular camera anyways!

So I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I celebrated Father’s Day with my father, ate at True Food Kitchen (will show you pictures soon), did a lot of shopping, watched amazingly cheesy TV shows with my friends, and spent lots of time with my family.  Here are a few snapshots:

french press

[french pressing is my favorite part of the weekend, especially with nostalgic Vancouver mugs]


[the peonies at Trader Joe’s right now are so beautiful, it’s out of control]

[we picked up this industrial stool at CB2‘s floor sample sale on Friday]

[this is my favorite face in the whole world]

Weekend Snapshots

June 5, 2011


This weekend was a good busy.  You know the kind?  Where you’re busy but you’re doing things that you love doing like furniture shopping and eating out at yummy places?  And going to art shows and watching a marathon of Julie Delpy movies on Netflix?  You know what I mean?  A super good busy.

Anyway here are some snapshots that I took this weekend (and these photos are all from my iphone because I may or may not have lost my camera’s battery charger in the move…which of course I will find the minute the new charger is delivered):

Blueberries + Anthro bowls are like a match made in food blogger heaven:


Gluten free pancakes with blueberries and nectarines:

gluten free pancakes

Furniture shopping (more like browsing) at HD Buttercup in Culver City:

hd buttercup

Art show in Culver City:

d face

Sometimes the Kogi taco truck is hard to track and follow around but luckily they serve their delicious Korean/Mexican/Californian fare at the Alibi Room…pretty much ate everything on the menu:

alibi room

Starting to organize various corners of the apartment:


My kind of coffee at Groundwork in the Santa Monica Place mall:

groundwork coffee

Loved the red light fixtures at CB2:


Getting inspiration for the succulents I plan on getting next weekend…and hopefully plant in this planter:


Eating lunch at my new favorite place, True Food Kitchen (tempeh/lettuce/tomato/avocado sandwich with a side of sweet potato hash and kale salad):

true food kitchen

Trying on new shoes that I bought:

cole haan shoes