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Chicken & mushroom pot pie

February 23, 2012

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chicken pot pie

This chicken pot pie recipe from Real Simple is my favorite pot pie recipe EVER.  Like way better than Marie Callender’s you guys.  It’s not too heavy (which I love!) and it’s made in a slow-cooker (which I love even more).  The ingredients are so simple and yet they meld together so perfectly.  Meaty cremini mushrooms, crunchy green beans, fall-apart chicken, rich gravy – I’m really depressed I have no leftovers.

Oh and that little pillow of heaven resting on top of it?  Puff pastry.  It’s the “pie” in my chicken pot pie and it could be the best invention on this planet.  So flaky and chewy and buttery.  Also, I’ll have you know that all the unused pastry dough was used to make cheese straws.  My life motto is: never waste perfectly good puff pastry.

Can we also talk about how Real Simple is like the best and most helpful magazine on this planet?  I mean, who knew you could use bubble wrap as a jewelry organizer?

*PS – I used this recipe to make the cheese straws!