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Holiday Cookies

December 6, 2009

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I can guarantee that you won’t find another place that discusses Rodarte in one post and holiday cookies in the next. I don’t discriminate here, my friends! I love Rodarte but holiday cookies occupy a very large portion of my love as well. As soon as December rolls around, I’m constantly googling new cookie recipes to try. I recently stumbled upon Sunset Magazine’s 58 favorite holiday cookie recipes and now my mind is going gaga for cookies (insert joke here from Kyle who constantly calls me Cookie Monster).

So from Sunset Magazine’s fave holiday cookies, here are my favorites that I will be testing out in the coming weeks:

  1. Chocolate thumbprints (pictured)
  2. Raspberry shortbread sandwiches
  3. Peanut butter oat bars
  4. Chocolate-macadamia nut clusters
  5. Dutch spice cookies (because I’m Dutch and I have to stay true to my heritage while baking)
  6. Louisiana pecan balls
  7. Mint chippers (crispy mint chocolate chip cookies!!)
  8. Peanut butter-chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies
  9. Peppermint-topped brownies
  10. Snickerdoodles

So maybe if I like you, I’ll bake you some holiday cookies. But if you just can’t wait for my cookies to come in the mail, definitely try some of these recipes on your own. And send some in the mail to me if you get a chance. Thanks!

[Image via Sunset Magazine]