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New Year’s Resolution: Sartorial Edition

January 2, 2010

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Though my New Year’s Resolution should be to improve my Photoshop skills because I aligned these photos on MS Word, instead it is to Alexafy my wardrobe. In my eyes, Alexa Chung, British TV personality, is the epitome of style. She. Can. Do. No. Wrong.

Is it possible to be tousled and classically chic at the same time? Alexa’s style is absolutely effortless. No matter what she puts together, it always seems to work perfectly. She has conquered the menswear-meets-feminine look that I’ve been infatuated with for awhile.

Alexafying my wardrobe will require several things: more oxford, more breton stripe, more Mulberry, more tights, more blazers, more vintage jewelry, more belts, more skirts, more briefcase, more London, more ALEXA.

So here’s hoping for a classically chic 2010.