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Guest Post: Jaymee of “JayAdores”

September 23, 2011

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friday love list

When Janelle asked me to guest blog while she and Kyle are in Portland, I got really excited because even though she is one of my best friends in real life, I feel like “guest-blogging” makes you a legit blogger.  Right!?  I was even more excited when she told me she wanted me to do her Friday Love List because I absolutely LOVE her Friday Love Lists and was excited to create my own!  So moving right along, here is my somewhat random list of things that I am loving.

  1. I live in Hawaii.  And right around this time I really start to miss California because of that season called fall that we never really see over here.  An average temp of 85 degrees means boots and scarves will cause profuse sweating (and a lot of strange looks).  If I did live in CA, these and these would be in my closet ASAP.  and my wallet would be empty.  but that’s besides the point.
  2. I recently moved into my own apartment and i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect chic chalkboard for my kitchen.  Easier said than done.  When I saw this cute DIY tutorial on Pinterest, I was sold.  And for $15?  Yeeee haw, sign me up.
  3. I have a slight crush on Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes (a philanthropist, entrepreneur genius, and good looking).  They recently launched their eyewear collection and I really reallllyyy want a pair of these sunglasses.  Like the shoes that TOMS sells, same goes for their sunnies:  you buy a pair and they give a pair away.  Talk about an incentive!  All in the name of charity, right?
  4. My birthday is this weekend.  I’m mostly excited because it’s an excuse to eat copious amounts ice cream.  and cupcakes.  My boyfriend has lots of fun stuff planned for the weekend and hasn’t told me what we are doing yet so I am pretty excited to see what he has up his sleeve – I love surprises!

Happy Friday!  Now I’m just hoping this work day goes by super fast.

Thanks Janny for letting me guest post for you!!  Hope you and your honey buns are living it up in the land of Port 🙂

Jaymee: JayAdores // @jayadores // Pinterest