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OMG, I love.

November 2, 2009

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look I know I just posted about doitinparis.com, but la femme in their newest illustration is wearing a TUBE SCARF.

I just about died! Whenever I see someone (in this case, a 2-dimensional someone) wearing something I want in a really chic and unique way, it instantly makes me want it more. Must find a black tube!

It’s how they do it in Paris

October 26, 2009

Filed Under : STYLE - TRAVEL

doitinparis If you’re like me and you obsess over anything related to Paris (i.e. Parisian style, Parisian macaroons, and Parisian men, oh la la) then you must visit one of my favorite websites, Do It In Paris.

Ok so maybe the website isn’t exactly about Parisian men but it does offer everything else a Paris-loving girl could ask for, from fashion tips to fun recipes to trendy places around the city.

Best part? The amazingly chic illustrations like the one at left. OMG, don’t you just love it? The illustrations alone bring me back to this website day after day. Every week, under the “Love it, Check it Out” section, the site posts a new illustrated look and tells you all the components needed to complete the look. For example, this illustration at left is Balmain-inspired so they list similar drummer-boy jackets and shredded jeans for you to complete your very own Balmain look.

If you ignore the shoddy French-to-English translation of this website, you will find everything you need to satisfy your thirst for all things Parisian.

[Image via Do It In Paris]