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Friday Love List

March 2, 2012


friday love list

  •  This mug that was delivered to the office the other day is kind of adorable.  It makes tea time all that more enjoyable.
  • Gwyneth’s latest goop newsletter on Spring shopping is amazing.  She makes expensive things seem so easily wearable.  Oh, to be Gwyneth!
  • Hoping I can sport this hairdo at one time or another this weekend!
  • Egg and cheese hash brown nests.  I mean, does anything sound better than that?
  • The fact that one of my best friends is engaged!!!  So happy for her and her new fiance.  It now gives us the excuse to go on all the wedding blogs without feeling weird about it!  Yayyyyyy.
  • I’m throwing in a sixth item on this list: 2 words…DOWNTON ABBEY.

Happy weekending!  It’ supposed to be in the high 70s to low 80s this weekend and I can’t wait to go on a hike in the hills, enjoy the sunshine, and hang out with friends.  Oh yes, and I have jury duty on Monday.  Although that sounds particularly hellish, I’m going to watch season 2 of Downton Abbey on my iPad THE WHOLE TIME.  So now I’m quite looking forward to it. xo!

Image via my instagram account