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January 19, 2012

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+ Is it coo de la to wear Christmas plaids still?  What’s the cut off date here?  Also, is “coo de la” a real phrase or did Kyle make that one up?  One never knows.

+ I really need to “finish” at least one room in my apartment so I can show you.  I mean, ouy vey.

+ Although this earl gray hot chocolate sounds like it would be all types of weird, it combines 2 of my favorite things so I must try it.

+ I think it’s time to chop my locks off.  I could really use a new hair do.

+ That awkward moment when your friend/coworker introduces you to someone who you’ve met several times and says “Do you know Janelle?” and that person says “No!  So nice to meet you” and you’re thinking oh wow, we’ve met like 3 times in 2011, cool.

+ Gosh, I really hate blogs that don’t post regularly.  How rude of them.  Oh wait, that’s me.  Please forgive me!