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January 24, 2016

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JANELLE + KYLE from Ellay Films on Vimeo.

So I haven’t shared much of the wedding yet because I’ve officially deemed 2015 the fastest year on record. Who’s with me? It feels like I blinked and now we’re halfway through 2016 (kind of though, right?). Anyway, consider the wedding posts UNDERWAY. They are happening. We’re kicking it off with our wedding video by the amazingly talented Ellay Films.

You should’ve seen our faces when we watched it for the first time. Sobbing messes, the both of us!! I’m sure Kyle appreciates me telling you that. We’ve watched the video nearly a thousand times now and love every single second of it. We can’t thank Ellay enough for creating such a beautiful video. Not only are they our best friends (LITERALLY. Hi Jayadores!), but they are the MOST talented wedding videographers out there, so we were truly honored to have them shoot our day. Jaymee was actually a bridesmaid in my wedding so she had some double duty while filming!

Jaymee + Kim, we love you. Thank you for PERFECTLY capturing the best day ever.

P.S. They captured my absolute favorite moment from the day and I will be forever grateful for it. It’s minute 1:47, when Kyle and I exchanged our wedding cards for each other and they ended up being the exact same card (which I bought 8 months before the wedding and he bought the week before lol MEN). It was the only part of the day where I ugly cried. Like full-blown really embarrassing sobs. Thank goodness that my Kim Kardashian cry was OFF CAMERA.