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September 26, 2013

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emmy awards / the style eater

emmy awards / the style eater

Every once in awhile, when there is a blue moon and all the stars are aligned, I’ll get to attend a big event rather than work it. This happened last Sunday for the Emmy Awards and what a treat it was! I got all fancy and who doesn’t love getting fancy every once in awhile? I’m a notoriously unfancy person (case in point: my last post), so any time I do get the chance to dress up, I’m like HEY KYLE TAKE MA PICTURE. You know how it is.

Other than attending the Emmy’s and seeing Mr. Carson from Downton dance at the after-party (yowza), my life has been decidedly unglamorous. Lots of late nights, working on new projects, planning a bridal shower for a bff (actually this one is way fun!), looking for a new apartment to no avail, general bumming around, spending all my money at Madewell, you know….typical life stuff.

Anyways, I did a post on the InStyle tumblr about getting ready for the Emmy’s and you can find that HERE, in case you want to see me look like a dork and talk about my Target clutch (which, by the way, is like my best new purchase).

Cheers to Thursdays and Autumn and Weekends and Fancy Days!

emmy awards / the style eater