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Farmer’s Marketing

July 13, 2010

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For me, an ideal Sunday would consist of: an early morning trip to the farmer’s market, mid-morning brunch at a cafe, mid-afternoon shopping, afternoon nap, barbeque with friends, and then relax the rest of the night.  That would be the most PERFECT day.

In reality, my weekends are filled to the brim with errands, activities, and endless chores, so being able to do any of the above is quite the luxury.  But when I was down in San Diego for a weekend getaway, I had plenty of time to do the things I love, i.e. visit local farmer’s markets.

The Little Italy Farmer’s Market in downtown San Diego is a rare gem that I highly recommend if you’re in the area.  There are hundreds of vendors lining the streets, full of colorful and delicious fare, ranging from homemade spice blends to fresh hummus.  Delicious pastries, pressed paninis, marinated olives, flavored lemonades.  The list of vendors is endless.  Oh ya, there are locally grown fruit and vegetables too!