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Downtown, Benedict, & Macarons

October 25, 2010

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Have I ever mentioned I’m a sucker for Groupon?  Well…I am.  Whether it be deals on a restaurant, tickets to a local play, or laser hair-removal on the cheap, I practically need the daily Groupon everyday.  So last month when the site was offering 50% off an annual membership to the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown LA, I purchased that Groupon quicker than I could realize I would never actually use it.  Determined to prove myself wrong (about never using it),  Kyle and I decided to head downtown this past Saturday to get our MOCA memberships some usage.

When we got there, we perused around for a hot minute and then realized we needed brunch…and STAT.  Sorry – no photos from MOCA.  Next time, though.  Remember, I have a membership now so I can go back anytime.

As for brunch, we decided upon Bottega Louie, my favorite place in downtown!  I want to live there.  Inside Bottega Louie, I mean.  It’s broken down into 2 parts: the restaurant and the gourmet market.  The restaurant reminds me of New York – loud, industrial, and really classy.  The market is quintessential Paris, full of beautiful tarts and French macarons.  Wandering through Bottega Louie, I felt like I was on vacation!  I was twirling around and snapping photos and giggling aloud!!!  Oh, and the food was exquisite.  So delicious.  Fresh.  Innovative.  Rich in flavor.  Perfectly portioned.  Thanks to Bottega Louie, I have a feeling I’ll be getting lotssss of usage out of my MOCA membership.

Bottega Louie brunch
Tea for me, bloody mary for Kyle…typical}

bottega louie farmers market breakfast {Farmers Market Breakfast: poached eggs and fresh vegetables}

bottega louie salmon eggs benedict
Smoked Salmon Benedict}

Bottega Louie macarons {Rows of French macarons in the gourmet market}

bottega louie fruit tarts {Bite-sized fruit tarts}

bottega louie macarons {Oh, you thought I’d go home without buying treats for myself?}

bottega louie macarons {Passionfruit, raspberry, chocolate, and pumpkin macaron}

bottega louie fruit tarts {Whoops…more treats}

bottega louie fruit tarts {Blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry fruit tarts}

New Home, Same Style Eater

March 28, 2010

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French macarons

I finally got a new domain and I’m so happy with the result.  Thank you to Michael Cybulski for doing EVERYTHING for me!

Even though I’m in a new home, I will still blab and ramble about anything fashion and food-related.  So if you love those two subjects, come visit me!  Thanks for being a reader!

On a completely unrelated note, I am addicted to We Heart It (I may have mentioned that before).  Basically it’s like flickr in that anyone can upload images.  In the We Heart It search bar, I search for images like cupcakes, French macarons (as in the image above – GLORIOUS), latte froth art, Stockholm street style, Paris, fashion week, flowers, etc.  Basically I can scroll through the various images for hours at a time and never get bored.  Oh my goodness, I love.

[Image via We Heart It]