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Weekend Snapshots (aka instagrams)

June 20, 2011

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My new camera battery charger is en route from China so I’m still camera-less and it’s all very depressing.  Until it arrives, I will (of course) still be using my instagram app heavily.  I mean, why not?  It probably takes better photos than my regular camera anyways!

So I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I celebrated Father’s Day with my father, ate at True Food Kitchen (will show you pictures soon), did a lot of shopping, watched amazingly cheesy TV shows with my friends, and spent lots of time with my family.  Here are a few snapshots:

french press

[french pressing is my favorite part of the weekend, especially with nostalgic Vancouver mugs]


[the peonies at Trader Joe’s right now are so beautiful, it’s out of control]

[we picked up this industrial stool at CB2‘s floor sample sale on Friday]

[this is my favorite face in the whole world]

Weekend Update

May 22, 2011

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For me, this weekend was all about relaxing and settling into my new apartment.  We strolled around the Brentwood Country Mart so I could visit my favorite store (Sugar Paper) and Kyle could visit his (Unionmade), we ventured to Ikea to pick up some random home furnishings, and we saw Bridesmaids (was hilarious).

We also did some of my favorite activities; i.e. shop at Zara, visit the Anthropologie sale, make coffee in a french press, roast veggies, and Netflix old episodes of Arrested Development.  I love low-key weekends!  Here are some highlights:

the market at santa monica place

french press

sugar paper japanese masking tape

11 Goals for 2011

January 20, 2011

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  1. Edit my closet: I recently took inventory of my clothes and I have 10 t-shirts with holes in them, all of which I wear on a daily basis.  Those need to be gone immediately.  In their place, I want classic items that will take me from season to season, i.e. a well-tailored black blazer, an all-occasion LBD, tees that cost more than $5.99 a piece.
  2. Sign up for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Several of my friends are enrolled in the CSA program and I’ve been dying to join as well.
  3. Dedicate more time to my blog: I. Love. Blogging.  But I also have a full-time job.  Sometimes I get home from work and just VEG OUT.  I’m going to quit vegging and start putting more time into my (slightly neglected) child, m’blog!
  4. Drive less: I spend way too much time driving.  I need to live closer to work…
  5. Read one classic book a month: In college, I would take English literature classes for fun. I know, who does that?  I miss reading good classics though, so I’m going to start with this one.
  6. Try recipes out of my comfort zone: When cooking, I tend to stick to recipes that I won’t F up.  This year, I want to spread my wings in the kitchen.  Perhaps with a chocolate souffle?
  7. Take an online photography class: Photography is one of my favorite hobbies but I definitely don’t have the technical skills needed to take really great photos.  Thus, I must take a class.
  8. Make coffee with a french press: I never knew that making coffee could be such a sexy undertaking until I saw this video.  Now all I want to do is buy a french press.  And have my boyfriend make me coffee with it.
  9. Attend music festivals: I’m going to start with Coachella, then possibly move on to Bonnaroo?
  10. Pay it forward: I just want to pass around lots of love and smiles this year, especially because so much love and smiles have been passed on to me.
  11. Start a book: I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I want to write a book.  It’s always been a goal of mine but this year, I’m going to start!  Trust me, it’s not going to be literary genius.  I’m leaning more towards the fantasy fiction persuasion, perhaps in the young adult section?  No??  I’ve got all sorts of ideas swirling around in m’little brain and I can’t wait to write them all down.