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Apartment Details

December 3, 2012

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1/ a few of my favorite books on this bookshelf
2/ new anthro cups on my kitchen shelves
3/ chalkboard decal that always has a grocery list on it
4/ coffee table (need to share the DIY for it still!) with my favorite holiday candle
5/ next to the staircase, my plant soaking up some sun
6/ a small section of the gallery wall
7/ my stack of InStyle magazines next to the TV
8/ a cozy seat in the living room
9/ magazine rack next to the couch

I’ve lived in my current apartment for almost 2 years now (so crazy) and I haven’t really shared much of it on the blog.  I just feel like it’s always evolving and has never been ready for a full-on dedicated post.  But eh, we’re thinking about moving again so I thought I’d better take some photos of the place before we jump ship.

Speaking of jumping ship, I’ve officially deemed “apartment hunting in Santa Monica” as the most difficult task I have ever tried to complete.  You think you’ve found the perfect place and then BAM it has no parking.  Or it has no stove.  Or it has no doors.  Something weird like that.  Really, landlords of Santa Monica?  Get it together.

Speaking of getting it together, this weekend was so unproductive and I loved every second of it.  Lazy weekends are the best. I did go to UNIQUE LA on Sunday, which was amazing by the way.  But other than that, I spent a lot of time on the couch, catching up on shows, knitting, reading, writing – lots of happy things.  Unproductivity is the best, am I right?


July 11, 2011


So we may not have made it out to Silverlake this weekend and Kyle may have slept the entire day on Saturday (men), but we ended up having a very successful weekend.

Here’s why…

We got a bunch of new art frames for our soon-to-be gallery wall.  The empty, white space above the couch in the living room is just begging for some color and we can’t wait to showcase our hodge podge collection of art:
gallery wall

I picked up this starry pillow on sale at West Elm for $14.  It really spruces up our all-white (and wrinkly) bed:
west elm pillow

We booked a trip to Portland.  We’ll be heading there in September for lots of good food, some exploring, and (lucky for us!!) a Bon Iver concert:
ace hotel portland

This has nothing to do with progress but I made a yummy pasta last night, complete with zucchini, grape tomatoes, olive tapenade, and feta cheese.  Ain’t it purty!:
zucchini pasta

Decor Inspiration

April 19, 2011

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Decor inspiration

Mr. Kyle and I are rigorously apartment hunting right now.  So exciting!  When I’m not scouring rental websites for the perfect apartment (perfect apartments don’t exist, I’ve recently discovered), I’m scrolling through decor images on Pinterest and various blogs to figure out exactly the kind of things we want to include in our place (which, by the way, is THE MOST FUN task I’ve ever done!).  Here’s what I discovered:

  • I’m a fan of stark whites and shades of gray.
  • We definitely want a gallery wall filled with our art collection (and by art collection I mean Kyle’s posters and cute prints I’ve found on Etsy).  I want the frames to be all shapes, sizes, and colors – a total hodge podge, if you will.
  • Farmhouse tables are my favorite things ever – distressed wood, full of character and imperfections, sigh.
  • Patterns I’m fond of: chevron stripes (OBSESSED!!), ikat, diamonds, geometric shapes
  • A giant bookcase is a must.  Where am I going to put all my Jane Austen’s and Harry Potter’s?
  • Colorful and textured pillows are the bee’s knees.
  • Stacks of coffee table books are the coolest ever.
  • I pretty much want everything from West Elm.

[All images found via Pinterest. Image credits, left to right: 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14]