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Dear Emma Watson, I love you.

June 26, 2010

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Besides the fact that I’m super depressed for having been too poor to travel to Somerset, England for this year’s Glastonbury Festival, I now have to cry over the amazing outfits that the chic elite are sporting.  I won’t even mention Kate Moss.  That girl could wear a paper bag and I would still grovel at her feet.  Same to you, Alexa Chung.

But now Emma Watson, too??  Hookah, you is gorgeous, as Lafayette would say.  If you got that reference, I love you.

The outfit that Emma wore on Day 3 of the festival is the epitome of Summer 2010.  Hotpants.  Vuitton. Leopard Belt. and a Sheer Button-Down.  I. Die.  Hermione, I love you.

[Image via Just Jared]