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February 2, 2012

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A few things:

A.) I’d like to first sincerely apologize for looking like I graduated with honors from Tool Academy with my sweet Myspace pic above.  If this was 2003, THAT would be my Myspace pic, just sayin’.  I have a perfectly good explanation for it though.  My boyfriend, Mr. Taylor, is too busy to take pictures of me so I’m forced to do so myself.  That guy!  Sheesh.

B.) I’m wearing a sweet Peter Pan collar in this photo but you can’t see it.  Ugh.

C. ) I don’t normally share these extra mundane details of my life, like getting haircuts or what my new car insurance rate is (by the way, it’s really good), but since I did a little hair inspo post a few days ago, I felt it was my duty to follow up.  As you can see I didn’t take any of my own advice and did something completely different.

D.) And by “completely different,” I mean I showed my hair stylist the Olivia Palermo photo and she took a few liberties of her own and chopped like 90% of my hair off.  PS – here is what it looked like before.

It’ll do, right?