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Hawaii Photo Diary

July 10, 2012

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Every time my family goes to Hawaii, I fall in love with the islands more and more.  Plus, one of my best friends, Jaymee, lives there so getting to spend time with her makes it extra special.  For this trip, we decided to keep it low key and spent the majority of our time lounging by the pool and beach of our hotel.  We did, however, take one day trip out to the North Shore with my sweet lover Jaymee, who showed us around to all her favorite spots (including the beach where her fiance proposed to her!) and then drove us around on the most scenic route through the island.

We had such a lovely trip and I just love spending time with my family so much.  Highlights include: floating on bean bags in the infinity pool, an amazing brunch at Orchids, acai bowls in the North Shore, and swimming in the ocean.

More photos are going up tomorrow, including lots of family pics, our trek up Diamond Head, and more beach time.

Hawaii Photo Diary // The Style Eater

PS – If you are wondering, the answer is YES, I did pocket that guava jam.

PPS – In the photos above are Jaymee, my cousin Kelsie, the bf Kyle, and the back of my little brother Josh.