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Oh No He Didn’t

February 15, 2011

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Oh, yes he did.  When I got home from work today, this letter was sitting on my kitchen table.

hello handmade valentine

(Sorry, I blurred out my address) Have I ever mentioned how much I love calligraphy?  Or how much I obsess over vintage stamps and handwritten love notes?  Well, I guess I mentioned it to Kyle a few times over the years because look what showed up in my mailbox this Valentine’s Day.  Now I may or may not have asked Kyle to send me a Hello Handmade love note last Valentine’s Day and it may or may not have ever happened, but he pulled through this year.  Let me tell you, HE PULLED THROUGH!  Look at how beautiful that thing is.  He is the sweetest of sweets!!

hello handmade valentine

I opened the sealed envelope ever so carefully and inside, there was another envelope with my name scrawled on it.

hello handmade valentine

Sealed with wax, no less.  BRB, dying.  A wax seal??  COME ON!  There is nothing cooler!

hello handmade valentine

Inside of that envelope was a Valentine card.  They may have F’ed up my initials but I’m totally willing to let that slide.  So precious.  At this point in the card-opening-process, you can imagine my hyperventilation.  Whoaaaa there tiger, BREATHE.  This is what calligraphy-ed love notes do to me you guys.

I opened the card to find the sweetest of notes from my Valentine.  Sigh.

hello handmade valentine

…and then I ate one (read: two…and a half) chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting.  Hope your Valentine’s Day was extra special this year! xoxoxoxo

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