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October 14, 2014

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rag & bone jeans / the style eater

rag & bone jeans / the style eater

rag & bone jeans / the style eater

We all have those ONE pair of jeans that never fail us. You know the kind. The ones you reach for when you’re feeling especially good, or especially bad. When you’re a little bloaty, or when you’re really rocking it out like nobody’s business. The jeans you grab for traveling, for a night out, for work, for every day. For me, it’s the Rag & Bone/JEAN High Rise Skinny Jeans, no if’s, and’s, or BUTT’s about it (pun intended).

I got them a few years ago during the Shopbop Friends & Family sale, because you never pass up 25% off at Shopbop. Also Rag & Bone jeans at 25% off is my kind of Christmas. Is there anything better, really? Anyway, the Friends & Family sale is back right now and I wish I could buy those jeans all over again. Instead, I’m eyeing this leather skirt, these simple but super cute black pumps, this cozy cardigan, and this heather gray tee.

25% Off Friends & Family Sale, 10/14 – 10/16
Promotion Code: FAMILY25
Jean of all jeans.