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Madewell Understands Me

November 20, 2010

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Sure, this my 79th post about Madewell but bear with me because I’ve finally realized something.  Madewell GETS me.  It understands me.  Season after season, it embodies everything I want in a wardrobe.  Nay, a lifestyle!!  Our relationship is a well-balanced give-and-take.  They give me the tools I need to express my style and in turn, I take it willingly (via my credit card).

For examps, let’s take a look at Madewell’s Holiday Gift Guide.  I almost cried when I saw it:

This chic tomboy is me in a nutshell.  I live in those plaids and tees.  The rolled denim!  The booties.  Those sweaters!  And the Penfield parka.  I swear, Madewell, how do you know me so well? Madewell Gift Guide Chic Tomboy

But wait…there are days when I want to be a vintage sophisticate instead.  But you knew that already, didn’t you Madewell?
Madewell Gift Guide Vintage Sophisticate

And sometimes I crave sequins and velvet when I go out on the town.  Perhaps I’m a glam night owl as well? Madewell Gift Guide Glam Night Owl

Oh but scratch all of that.  I love polka dots and ladylike charm.  Frills are brillz!  Ah oui, you’re right Madewell, I DO want to be a true romantic…
Madewell Gift Guide True Romantic

Wait, I’m a free spirit now, M-Well?  I’m so not a free spirit.  But what’s that you say?  You’re saying that I have the potential to be one?  Oh, maybe you’re onto something here…I do kind of love those shoulder sequins and lord knows I already ordered those wedge booties. Madewell Gift Guide Free Spirit

See what I mean?  Madewell’s the yin to my yang.

[Images via Madewell]