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On crown braids and starting anew

February 27, 2013

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crown braid / the style eater

Please forgive me for posting a picture of myself with my dang eyes closed.  No one blinks in blogland so this kind of pic is pretty unheard of.  But you know what?  My boobs look nice and my hair’s lookin fly so my eyes can be closed if they want to.  And yes I just gave myself 2 compliments.  We’re turning a new leaf this year.

Speaking of this year, I celebrate the New Year on the day after Oscars.  Award season is the busiest time for me because of work, so when it’s all over, I can finally take a deep breath, reflect on the past year, and start anew.  That means I need to stop eating handfuls of M&Ms daily and start being a little more healthy.  Maybe workout a bit?  Find a goal and achieve it?  Most people have these kind of resolutions on January 1st.  Not this gal.  It’s all about February 27th.

Last year’s resolutions? No offense to me circa 2012 but they sucked.  I didn’t keep a single one.  The only productive thing I did last year was learn how to crown braid.  Also, I lied.  I learned this like 2 weeks ago but I still consider that last year since it was B.O. (before Oscars).  I am pretty proud of myself for this accomplishment.  Mainly because it was my only accomplishment.  We can’t all be winners.  Oh but the braid goes all the way around my head!  So fancy!  Here is the tutorial I used in case you want to test yo’ braid skillz.

Now that I’m taking a deep breathe and starting fresh with new goals and resolutions (in late February), I just have an inkling that this is going to be a great year.  I’m taking about you, 2013.  I think you’re going to be pretty darn good.