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Puppy love.

March 19, 2012

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husky puppy

If you follow one of my 800 social media accounts, you’ve probably already seen this photo.  I posted it to every single one of them.  If not, ISN’T HE PRECIOUS?

Kyle’s friend’s husky recently had 7 puppies (born on Valentine’s Day!) so we innocently went to visit them this weekend.  Ok, not so innocently because we’ve been wanting a puppy real bad.  It didn’t help that I absolutely fell in love with this little guy.  Don’t get me wrong, ALL the puppies were ridiculously cute but I clicked with this one, ya know?

We have 4 more weeks to decide if we’re ready for a puppy.  Good decision?  Bad decision??

Either way, he has my heart.  Ahhh, puppy love.