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I’ll take one of each…k thx

July 13, 2011

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kate spade + emily current and merit elliott

I don’t consider myself a handbag aficionado and would happily carry a bag from Target if it suited my style (which it normally does because Target does everything right).  But when I saw this new collaboration of handbags between Kate Spade and Emily Current and Merit Elliott of Current/Elliott fame, it was love at first sight.

Perfection in a bag.  Everything I want.  I hope these bags are no more than 5 hundy each.  I take it back, I hope they’re no more than 3 hundy.  Ok, 4 is fine.  Actually, but I want one of each.  Is that a crime?  I need a new bag for fall!  Or wait, I need a new bag for mid-July.

For lots more info and photos of the entire collection, clickity click here.

[Images via InStyle.com]