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May 3, 2013


Don’t mind me, but here I am just cooking up a Friday Love List during a dinner in NYC. Speaking of NYC, photos from that portion of my trip are going up on Monday! By the way, is it just me or was this particular week THE FASTEST EVER? I woke up this morning and for a minute, I thought it was Tuesday…in February. I mean where did this year go? Anyway, here are a few things I’m digging this week:

  • I finally learned how to properly clean my face thanks to Into the Gloss’s 2 part video series (video one and video two). I don’t know about you but this is a total game changer. I’m going to start pianotaging the heck out of my face (although I will likely not purchase thermal water any time soon).
  • Love this idea of gifting a pot of fresh herbs at a dinner/brunch party. So perfect.
  • I’m going to wear this outfit every single day this summer.
  • This kale noodle bowl with avocado miso dressing sounds like just about the best thing ever right now.
  • So remember when we went to NorthernGrade? Well we must be REALLY COOL because we made a cameo in this video recap for one whole second (check minute 0:36). I mean, somebody call us some talent agents stat.


Happy weekending!