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Back to School

August 16, 2010

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Office Supplies

I may not technically be going back to school (tear…those days are long over), but there’s something about mid-August that makes me want to replenish my office supplies.  My internal clock says I must get new notebooks and I need a new set of folders.

I can’t help it!  Here are the products on my back-to-school list:

  1. Jonathan Adler Zig Zag Sticky Notes, Paper Source, $8.95: I may not be able to afford 95% of Jonathan Adler’s home decor (which I ADORE), but these sticky notes will tie over my Adler cravings for now.  Plus, I love a good sticky note, don’t you?
  2. Task Clips, Kate’s Paperie, $10: Colorful task clips??  Yes, please.  I’m tired of the dull black and silver task clips.  How mundane!  I need color in my life at all times.
  3. Paperterie Poulain By Decole Vintage Camera Tape Dispenser, Florspacehome Etsy, $19:  I’ve been searching for a fun tape dispenser for awhile now and when I came across this vintage camera-inspired one, I knew I had to have it.
  4. Green & Blue File Folders, Kate’s Paperie, $16: I get positively giddy when all my papers are organized neatly in file folders.  But the idea of having those papers in cute and colorful folders makes it that much more appealing.
  5. Personalized Notebooks, Paperwink, $15: I’m a notebook hoarder.  I have literally 20 or so blank, unused notebooks in my possession and yet I still feel the need to buy more.  Girl has issues.
  6. Cavallini Jumbo Erasures, Kate’s Paperie, $3: Okay so I rarely use pencils but I like anything Paris-related.
  7. Luddite Collection Pencil Case, Anthropologie, $14:  I love having all of my pens and highlighters in one nifty case like this one.
  8. Deskpad, Erin Condren, $30:  This deskpad is the best way to stay organized.  Plus, it doubles as a mousepad.  Chic and conventional!